Inspection Checklist

Getting Your Money Back

Follow the detailed instructions by viewing the move-out letter (Inspection Checklist) for your housing facility.

1. Sit down with your roommate(s) and have a conversation about your exam schedule and when you plan to move out.

  • Write down who will complete each item from the checklist and post it in the common area.

  • Ensure you maintain communication through final exams, especially prior to each person moving out, to ensure that all the cleaning that was agreed to has been completed.

2. Clean thoroughly!

3. Take photos of the unit when each person moves out.

  • This way, should a dispute arise or a roommate moves out and leaves a mess, there is evidence of the cleaning that was completed and the state of the unit at that time.

4. Move out by the contract deadline (See Important Dates)

5. Return your black key fob in an envelope marked with your name and room number, and place it in the entrance return mailbox outside of C420 in University Hall.

6. Remove all of your belongings, including garbage, food, and cleaning supplies.

Move-Out Letter & Inspection Checklist|Spring 2024

Things to know when leaving your housing facility.

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