Books on Beds Program

As a University of Lethbridge student living in residence you are able to take advantage of a unique complementary program offered by the Bookstore. This service is known as “Books on Beds” aka BOB is only being offered to our students in residence.

What is BOB? The bookstore staff will pick the books you need for the Fall term and box them up to be delivered to your room prior to your arrival on campus. All requests for BOB will be accepted during your online Check-In.

EXCLUSIVE TO BOB REQUESTS: Those students selecting BOB by completing the Online Check-In process will have their text book charges posted to their student account by the end of August.

Please note you do NOT have to be registered in classes to use BOB. We monitor your registration prior to August 19th to ensure you have the books you need for the classes you are enrolled in. We also understand that you may make changes from the time we pick your books and you arrive on campus, full returns with a receipt and return policy followed, will be taken within 10 days of classes are accepted.