U of L Graduate Research Award (ULGRA)

Award Quick Look

Deadline: No Deadline

Amount: up to $21,000

Student Status: Full Time

Type: Internal


  • Canadian
  • International
  • Permanent Resident


  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Master of Music
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Science in Management


  • School of Graduate Studies

The University of Lethbridge Graduate Research Award (ULGRA) is intended to facilitate nuance and flexibility in the financial support of graduate students at the University of Lethbridge housed within approved departments (see below).   All students applying for admission to a full time program in 2021 onward will automatically be considered for ULGRA funding and cannot be holding or be considered for other School of Graduate Studies admission funds (specifically the Tuition and Dean’s Scholarships). 


  • Variable
  • Units of $3,000 per annum may be offered to an individual up to a maximum of 7 units ($21,000) per annum
  • Payable upon confirmation of full-time enrolment at U of L; annual amounts paid in 3 equal semesterly installments


  • Admitted to or continuing in a full-time thesis or project based masters and doctoral program (excluding masters programs within the Faculty of Education, the MSc Management Business Analytics (BANA) concentration and M. Nursing course based programs).

Recipient Selection:

  • Departmental, faculty, or program area recommendation. 
  • Academic achievement
  • Demonstrated research potential, as determined by the relevant department, faculty, or program area.


  • No application is required. All eligible candidates are considered at the time of application to an eligible graduate program.
  • Selection is competed at the time of admission by the applicable Program Committee.


  • Renewal is contingent upon maintaining satisfactory progress & standing in the graduate program.

NOTE: Students are permitted to hold the ULGRA concurrently with any Graduate Assistantship (as per the GSA Collective Agreement) and/or any Research Stipend provided by a Faculty Member.  Students are not permitted to hold the ULGRA concurrently with either the SGS Tuition Scholarship or the SGS Dean’s Scholarship.  ULGRA recipients who subsequently receive tri-council scholarships or other major awards in excess of $10,000, will have their ULGRA adjusted to an annual top-up amount.  The annual top up value will be a minimum of $3000 (Example A) OR an amount such that the combined value of the top-up and the external award exceeds the initial annual ULGRA by $3,000 (Example B).  

Example A:
UGLRA $6000 and $3000 in your two year program.
Then you receive a major award valued at $12,000/year in your first year.
Your ULGRA is converted to a Top Up value of $3000/year for the year that overlaps with the major award.
If you hold a major award valued at  $12,000/year in your second year, the UGLRA Top up is valued at $3000.
In either situation, you are receiving more funding than the ULGRA alone and your total value of scholarship funding is $3000 more than your ULGRA alone. 

Example B:
Your offer of admission offers funding of ULGRA $21,000/year for two years.
You receive a major award valued at $17,500/year for one year.
Your ULGRA  is converted to a Top Up for the year that overlaps with the major award.  In this case, the Top Up value would be $6,500/year so that your total value of scholarship funding is $3000 more than your ULGRA alone.