Graduate Assistantship (teaching/non-teaching)

Award Quick Look

Deadline: No Deadline

Amount: 3,600


  • Canadian
  • International
  • Permanent Resident


  • School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies pays the Graduate Assistantship (GA) on the condition that the student fulfills reasonable assistantship duties, which are assigned by the relevant Faculty, and conform to the tenets of the ULGSA Collective Agreement.

This funding opportunity is assigned to new students with their offers of admission.  Post- admission appointments may occur at the discretion of the department OR are posted on our website.   


  • Full assistantship of $3,600 for 112 hours assigned work in a single semester
  • Half assistantship of $1,800 for 56 hours assigned work in a single semester


  • All students accepted into the eligible programs may be considered at the time of application for admission (master students within the Faculty of Education may apply for GA positions as posted)
  • Completed no more than 24 months (48 months for part time)/ 48 months in the respective masters or doctoral program
  • Must be registered in a graduate program at the time the assignment of duties are carried out.


  • All eligible candidates are considered at the time of applcation to the graduate program (except for within the F. Education as they have an application process).


  • Renewal is contingent upon maintaining eligibility (registration in a graduate program) as well as past work will be reviewed.