Transfer Student: Post-diploma Admission

If you have completed a diploma at a recognized college or technical institute that is approved to link up to a uLethbridge program, we can consider you for post-diploma admission. Typically, you will only need to complete another two years (20 semester courses) to get your uLethbridge degree depending on the program.

Some programs have additional requirements or higher standards for entry that must be met before admission to a specific program will be considered. Please review our program requirements on the Registrar's Office website.

You will find a listing of approved diploma programs listed by institution or by uLethbridge program on our post-diploma website.

If your diploma is not listed on the approved diploma list, we will evaluate it on a course by course basis.

If you think your program may be eligible to link up with a uLethbridge degree, but you do not see your diploma on the list, please contact us.

If your diploma does not fully transfer, but has sufficient academic content, we will consider you for general admission with a diploma GPA of 2.0 or higher. Otherwise, we will evaluate it on a course by course basis.