Transfer Student: Course by Course Basis Admission

We will evaluate your program on a course by course basis to see whether you are eligible for admission. Some programs have additional requirements or higher standards for entry that must be met before admission to a specific program will be considered. Please review our program requirements on the Registrar's Office website.

A valuable tool that will help you determine if previous courses will transfer to uLethbridge is the Transfer Credit Equivalencies Database.

Number of Transferable courses High School Transcript Required Minimum Average Required Transferable Courses - GPA required Minimum GPA Required
1-5 Yes 65% Yes 2.0
6+ Yes N/A* Yes 2.0

*Your high school marks are not used to determine your admission GPA, but may be necessary for prerequisite purposes. Transfer students need to have completed the courses required for admission to any program. You can review your program's requirements on the Registrar's Office website.

If you are not sure whether six of your courses will transfer, you should also arrange for your high school transcript to be sent to Admissions.