Majors and Minors

What is my program?

A program is a specific set of course requirements leading to the completion of admission requirements, degree, diploma, or certificate either at the University of Lethbridge or at an institution with which the University has formal transfer arrangements. Generally, your program is the degree(s) that you are working towards, such as the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (BSc/BEd).

What is my major?

A major is the main area of specialization within the broader program requirements. For example, in the BA program, you can choose a major from the humanities or social sciences. Your program could be a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology, or a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology.

What is my minor?

In keeping with the principles of liberal education, the University of Lethbridge offers minors in a variety of areas. Minors are available across Faculties and provide students in undergraduate programs the opportunity to pursue their interests in an area or areas distinct from their chosen major and degree program. A minor can enhance your resume and complement your major, while allowing you to pursue a second passion. Completed minors will be recognized on your university transcript.

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For more information on programs, majors, minors and their requirements, please speak with your Faculty academic advisor.