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Employer Services

What services does Career Bridge provide? 

Career Bridge creates partnerships between employers and the institution, facilitating connections, and providing opportunities for recruitment. Through Career Bridge, employers gain access to a diverse talent pool, including students and alumni from various academic disciplines and degree programs. Employers can participate in career fairs, job postings, on-campus interviews, and networking events organized by the Career Bridge office.
Employer Information Sessions are exclusive events designed to facilitate direct interaction between employers, alumni, and students. Information sessions offer a platform for employers to present their company's mission, culture, and opportunities. They serve as an excellent way to engage with students, answer their questions, and provide valuable insights into the opportunities available within your organization

Information sessions provide employers with the following services:

  • Promotion to both campuses via email, online event calendars, digital signage, notice board, and print.
  • Event branding and promotion with company name, logo, and description
  • Students and alumni are preregistered, sent reminders, and can be contacted directly after the event through the Career Bridge office. (Information Sessions accept walk-ins)
  • Booked space in either a classroom, virtual, hybrid or in our events spaces
  • Career Bridge staff to support event execution
  • Free campus parking (Max two parking passes)

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Employer Information Booths are interactive spaces set up on campus where employers can showcase their company and engage directly with students. These booths serve as a hub of information and networking, enabling employers to discuss co-op opportunities, full-time positions, and more.

Information booths provide employers with the following services:

  • Booth space close to targeted audiences
  • Promotion on our online event calendars, digital signage, print, and notice board.
  • Event branding and promotion with company name, logo, and description
  • Booth and campus parking will be provided (Max 1 parking passes)

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Campus Interviews are exclusive sessions designed to facilitate face-to-face interactions between employers, students, and alumni. These interviews provide employers with the opportunity to meet with promising candidates, assess their skills and qualifications, and potentially extend job offers for internships, co-op, or full-time positions.

Campus Interviews provide employers with the following services:

  • Providing on-campus Interview suites that can comfortably host 4 and 12 individuals
  • Creation of an Interview Schedule
  • Free campus parking (Max one parking passes)
  • Collecting and sending cover letters, resumes and transcripts 
  • Notifying all applicants once shortlists have been completed 
  • Organizing interviews (in-person, telephone, and video conference) 
  • Ensuring students are sufficiently prepared for interviews

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Event Promotion is a specialized service provided to employers seeking to maximize their reach and impact. Whether you're hosting a recruitment event to attract top talent or offering a professional development workshop to enhance skills, the Career Bridge office will promote and advertise to current students and alumni.

Event Promotion provides employers with the following services:

  • Promotion to both campuses on our electronic notice board, online event calendars, digital signage, print, direct email, and weekly newsletters.

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Southern Alberta's Largest Hiring Event

For over 35 years The University of Lethbridge Career Fair represents an immense opportunity for students to connect with employers from around the world. At the Career Fair employers will have the chance to recruit upcoming graduates, alumni, and the public while increasing their profile on campus and within Southern Alberta. Career Fair is open to all faculties and welcomes all participants.   

Learn More About uLethbridge Career Fairs

The MyExperience job board is an online platform that connects employers with current students and alumni job seekers. It allows employers to post career and co-op opportunities for students and alumni to search and apply for available positions. 

The MyExperience job board provides employers with the following services:

  • Employers may create company profiles, enabling them to showcase their brand, culture, and values to attract top talent.
  • Featured job posting options to highlight opportunities on all student and alumni accounts
  • Program targets allow employers to focus on specific streams of talent
  • Ability to repost career and co-op opportunities

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What are the deadlines? 

Although we do not have hard deadlines, we recommend

  • Posting jobs 3-6 months in advance.
  • Booking events 20 days in advance
  • Booking Interview space 5 days in advance
  • Requesting event promotion 10 days in advance

Interviewing candidates within two weeks of closing a posting is preferable in order to ensure that candidates are still available and have not secured employment elsewhere. We also recommend that the hiring process be completed at least two weeks prior to the end of the semester. 

What is a typical salary? 

  • Co-op student salaries will vary by type of assignment, economic sector and sub-sector, geographical location, how many courses the student has completed towards their degree and whether the student has completed previous Co-operative Education work terms. 
  • There are various resources available to help you secure funding for a Co-op student. 
Applied Studies
  • As paid or volunteer positions, it is recommended that positions are compensated through wages, honorariums, or certificates

Are there guidelines for posting on the job board or recruiting on campus?