Manage successful students

Find Success with Students

Whether you are a large or small organization, learning how to support students to ensure they are meeting your organizations goals, working hard, or bringing innovative ideas to your projects, will build a culture of learning for both you and your students.

Here are some tips to help your student succeed in the workplace:

  1. Be clear with the student about who is their supervisor
  2. On-board your students – the work experience, culture, and expectations are all important to establish early on to help students immerse themselves in the organization
  3. Meet regularity to discuss their projects and help problem solve when problems arise
  4. Discuss any changes to their schedule, role, and projects in advance
  5. If there are repetitive activities, provide reasons for this role and try to offer opportunities outside of them
  6. Set clear expectations from the start for your students – this is an industry that the students are interested, let them know how it works and what they need to do to excel
  7. Be a mentor by creating a supportive atmosphere where students feel confident to ask questions and can offer new ideas and creative thinking

Students offer

  • Are academically strong and bring enthusiasm to advance projects and initiatives within your organization
  • They are looking for skills and a network to help them grow professionally as they pursue their academic goals 
  • Students with successful experiences with organizations will create awareness for future recruits and employees
  • Students are willing to work with employers locally, nationally and internationally from our Lethbridge and Calgary campuses