Supervising a Co-op Student

A meaningful Co-op placement is one that complements the student's education and broadens their skills. The primary objective is to provide the student with a planned, supervised work experience that will enhance their academic learning. 

The employer’s role and expectations of a Co-op student should not differ from that of any other work arrangement. We ask that you provide a safe, relevant and challenging work environment. In order to assist in the success of the experience we also ask that a supervisor assist the student with a work-term learning plan (learning objectives) at the beginning of the work term, participate in an on-site visit and complete a performance evaluation at the end, all of which require only a modest time investment. 

What is the Job Criteria? 

  • Full-time employment (minimum 35 hours per week) 
  • Competitive wage (no wage mandated) 
  • Minimum 12 weeks (corresponding roughly with the semesters: May–Aug, Sept–Dec and Jan–Apr) 
  • Work terms are usually 4, 8 or 12 months in duration 
  • Work term extensions are possible in four-month increments 
  • The work term must be relevant to the student's academic studies 

Role as a Workplace Supervisor

  • Discuss the job description with the student. Be clear as to who will be the supervisor.
  • Provide your student with ongoing feedback
  • Meet with the Co-op Coordinator and student during a virtual or on-site monitor visit
  • Complete a final performance evaluation at the end of the work placement. This form will be sent to you via your email near the end of the term
  • Option: Participate in a student presentation at the end of students contract

Get in Touch

If you have any questions concerning the procedures or requirements of the Co-op Program, please feel free to contact an Applied Studies Instructor at or 403-329-2000.