How Co-op Works

Why do a Co-op?

Combine Academics and Work Experience

Co-op alternates between semesters of regular academic courses and semesters of paid, full-time work experience, called "work terms." Each work term is a course (making you a full-time student) that is recorded on your transcript.

The successful recruitment of Co-operative Education students is a collective effort of three parties – the employer, the co-op student, and the associated educational institution. Co-op positions, whether posted on the co-op job board or on an employer's website, can only be completed if you are registered in a co-op program.



How Co-op Works with your Degree:

You get Co-op credit but you don't receive academic credit for Co-op. Co-op work terms are evaluated on a pass/fail basis and are extra to your degree. The completion of a Co-op Work Term is recorded on your official university transcript which can be shown to potential employers. You receive the real "credit" for Co-op at the completion of your third work term when you receive the Co-op designation with your degree.

Not completing three work terms means you don't receive your Co-op designation. Receiving the designation does demonstrate to employers that you've taken the time to go beyond a degree. Our office encourages all Co-op students to obtain their designation.

Student’s degree programs must begin and end on an academic term. They may register in additional work terms beyond their program requirement as long as they have reached the co-op designation minimum (with the exception of international students on a co-op work permit).  This can be discussed in more detail with a Co-op Coordinator.

The Co-op designation is an achievement that tells employers you are sufficiently prepared to enter the workplace with limited orientation. You are seen to be a proven commodity in the eyes of potential employers at graduation, significantly reducing the risk that comes with hiring an entry-level employee.

Although you may complete up to 24 months of Co-op through a variety of experiences, 12 months (three work terms) of Co-op experience will earn the Co-op Designation. The Co-op Designation goes on both your degree parchment and transcripts.

Eligibility & Process


Co-op Designation