Self-Initiated Co-op

Choose Your Own Co-op Path

Advantages of doing a Self-Initiated Co-op
  • Maintain full time student status while on Co-op Work Terms
  • Expand your horizons for the type of work experience you are looking for based on your professional goals
  • Build your professional network
  • Get support from the Co-op Office once you have applied
  • Work towards your Co-operative Education Designation on your degree
  • Some organizations require you to be a Co-op student to receive funding for the role
  • Put into practice your gained knowledge through university classroom study
Requirements of Self-Initiated Co-op
  • A Self-Initiated Co-op is registered as a work term and as such, fees and work term requirements apply
  • You must obtain Co-op Office Approval
  • You must be enrolled in the Co-op program
  • Co-op work terms can be arranged for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months in length.
  • Work term semesters are a minimum of 12 weeks in length and/or 420 hours, and usually follow the academic semesters (Jan – April; May – Aug; Sept – Dec).
  • Full-time paid employment- a minimum 35 hours per week


Apply Now

Have a Position

If you have secured a potential Co-op placement, you will need to reach out to the Co-op Office to start the process.

Co-op Office

Obtain Co-op Office Approval

In order to have your Self-Initated Co-op formally approved, please provide the following information:

  • The job description
  • Employer's contact information

The Co-op office will contact you to confirm that the position has been approved as a Co-op and you will be contacted about your next steps.


Looking for a position

Research companies and/or employment sector associations that you are interested in working for.  The Co-op Office is available to help once you have applied to the Co-op program.

Resources to help


Job Application Toolkit


Book an appointment

MyExperience  Email Co-op Office