Co-op Designation

Co-operative Education is a nationally recognized form of Work-Integrated Learning that combines professional experience with academic studies to enrich students’ academic, intellectual, personal, and professional development. The program works to create a partnership between students, the University, and the employer, bridging academic theory with professional development and practical application. Co-operative Education allows students to alternate academic terms of study with remunerated work terms in a professional workplace.

The Co-op designation indicates that students have completed at least one year of discipline-related work experience, highlighting advanced capabilities in applying theory to practice and professional development. The designation indicates to employers that graduates are work/life ready.

Work Terms Required for Co-op Designation

Student Type Work Terms Required for Designation Maximum Work Terms
Domestic Undergrad 3 (12 months) 6 (24 months)
International Undergrad 3 (12 months) 3 (12 months)
Combined Degree
(e.g., BEd/BSc, BEd/BMgt, BFA/BMgt)

3 (12 months)

  • Designation applied to degree with most number of work terms
  • You can receive the co-op designation on both degrees by completing at least 2 work terms per degree program

Domestic: 6 (24 months) 

International:3 (12 months)


Domestic Grad 2 (8 months) 4 (16 months)
International Grad 2 (8 months) 2 (8 months)