ULRF SoTL Stream

University of Lethbridge Research Fund (ULRF)
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Stream




    Value Up to $6,000 per applicant (funds are limited)
    Duration 18 months (March 1 to August 31 of following year)
    Application Deadline November 8th at 4:00pm
    Notice of Decision February 
    Start date  March 1
    Teaching Centre Contact Jill Payant (403-380-1856 or teachingcentre@uleth.ca)




    The ULRF SoTL Stream is an internal source of funds directed toward the support of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and administered by the Teaching Centre. The objective of the ULRF SoTL Stream is to help researchers secure external funding, by providing seed money for new projects and to launch a program of research. The ULRF SoTL Stream is not intended to provide on-going support through repeated applications or to supplement an on-going program of research. 


    • August – September: Launch of current competition.
    • November 8th at 4:00pm: Application deadline.
    • November – December: Applications are reviewed by members of the Teaching Centre Advisory Council
    • January – February: Applications are ranked by the Teaching Centre Advisory Council and recommendations for funding are finalized. 
    • February: Notice of Decisions are distributed to applicants.
    • March 1: Start date of successful ULRF SoTL applications.

    The ULRF SoTL stream is open to all members of the academic staff faculty, including instructors and academic assistants who hold continuing appointments. Applicants may only be named on one ULRF SoTL application per competition.  Applicants are permitted, however, to hold a University of Lethbridge Travel Fund award concurrently with the ULRF SoTL Fund.

    There are three main objectives of SoTL:

    1. To improve student learning by finding better, more engaging ways to teach.
    2. To conduct scholarly examination of what takes place inside the classroom, asking questions and collecting evidence on the effectiveness of different methods of teaching.
    3. To make the results of this analysis readily available to other scholars, inviting their comment and review, and contributing to knowledge on student learning.

    This fund is focused specifically on teaching and learning at the post-secondary level at the University of Lethbridge.

    Awards to a single applicant are limited up to a maximum of $6,000.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to adequately justify the expenditures included in the application.  Funds can be requested in line with the following criteria:

    • A grant may be directed to personnel costs in accordance with UofL policy.
    • Normally no more than 20% of the total project budget may be used to pay for travel directly related to research, including travel by research assistants in the performance of their assigned duties.
    • No more than 10% of the total project budget may be used for professional development activities.
    • No more than 10% of the total budget may be directed to dissemination of research results.
    • Other items necessary for research may be considered for funding at the discretion of the Teaching Centre Advisory Council.
    • Normally, the purchase of journals, books, computers, software, and major equipment will not be considered.
    • Normally, equipment available to borrow through the Library, the applicant’s Department, or the Teaching Centre will not be considered.
    • Research projects requesting retroactive funding prior to the application deadline will not be considered.

    How to Apply


    The Teaching Centre and ORIS normally issue a call for proposals in August of each year. Submissions for the current round are due by 4:00 p.m. on November 8th. Late submissions will not be accepted, and incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible.

    URLF sotl stream submit file

    You can download the word template using the link below:

    The template will provide you with all the details you will need to apply.

    Once you have completed the application form, you can upload the completed form using the button below.

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