Workshops and Events

Spark Teaching Symposium

This annual event is held at the end of the spring semester(late April or early May) and involves numerous concurrent sessions from a wide range of faculty members. 

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Talking About Teaching

This event usually involves a great deal of discussion and covers current topics related to teaching in higher education. Two sessions take place during the fall semester (September and October) and two take place during the spring semester (January and March). Check out our current event offerings here.


These one hour workshops touch on very practical teaching topics. Drop ins are welcome. Check out our latest event offering to learn when the next ShopTalk is and what the topic will cover. ShopTalks take place during the spring and fall semesters. 

Instructional Skills Workshops

The ISW is a fun, intensive, interactive, four-day/28 hour workshop for new and experienced teachers. The workshop is peer-facilitated and peer-driven, designed to help you:

- identify and build on your existing strengths as a teacher

- develop new skills and techniques for student-focused and active-learning pedagogy

- create an interdisciplinary cohort of peers who are as passionate about teaching as you are

The ISW was developed more than 30 years ago by post-secondary instructors in British Columbia and it is now an internationally-recognized professional development program.

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Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development

These workshops cater to graduate students who are in teaching roles at the university.

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