Doors Open

Are you willing to open your classroom?

You are passionate about creating unique and engaging learning experiences for your students. We hope that you will be willing to participate in this program by opening your classroom doors for one time during the fall semester. This will allow your peers to observe and learn from your teaching style, and we believe that your insights could be valuable to them.

As a participant, you will have complete control over the number of people who can attend, and the Teaching Centre will promote and handle RSVPs for the day/time that you specify. We have received numerous requests from people who are eager to observe different techniques, such as teaching in large classrooms, facilitating group discussions, using technology to engage students, and encouraging critical thinking exercises.

If you are interested in opening your classroom doors in the fall semester, please email Diana Letts at

Thank you to all who have participated!

Don McIntyre: Introduction to Indigenous Governance and Business Management (IGBM 2500)
Dr John Eng: Modern Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 500) 
Dr Shawn Bubel: Introduction to Archaeology (ARKY 1000) 
Dr Jan Newberry: Urban Anthropology (ANTH 3280)
Dr Chris Mattatall: Educational Psychology of Exceptional Learners (EDUC 3602)
Dr Deanna Oye: Collaborative Piano/Guitar (MUSE 2451, 3451, 5451)
Dr Leo Brooks: Music Education Technologies (MUSIC 3738)
Dr Aaron Taylor: Introduction to Cinema Studies (CINE 1000)
Dr Richelle Marynowski: Evaluation and Reporting (EDUC 3604)
Michael Madore: Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 2020) and Small Business Management (MKTG 3806)
Dr Miranda Leibel: Accountability and Transparency (LBED 3010) and Capstone in Liberal Education (LBED 4000)
Tara Million: Advanced Indigenous Literatures (INDG 3605/ENGL 3605)
Dr Olu Awosoga: Applied Statistics for Clinical Practice (HLSC 3450)
Dr Shelia McManus: History in Practice (HIST 2222)
Erin Kardolus: Indigenous Perspectives on Counselling and Wellness (ADCS 2235)
Dr Susan Findlay: Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 2500) and Medicinal Chemistry  and (CHEM 4000)

Dr Jan Newberry:
Anthropology of Change (ANTH 4850)
Dr Miranda Leibel: Identity and Liberal Education (LBED 2000)
Dr Stephanie Kerr: Identity & Nationalism (POLI 2310)
Dr Olu Awosoga: Applied Statistics for Clinical Practice (HLSC 3450)
Dr Sean Fitzpatrick: Calculus (MATH 1560)
Dr Kevin McGeough: Archaeology (ARKY 1000)
Dr Shelia McManus: A World History (HIST 1200) and Pop Culture and the US West (HIST 3604)