Spark Teaching Symposium

April 24 and 25, 2024

Spark is a symposium focused on teaching in higher education that allows all involved in teaching to share their successes, challenges, and current endeavours. It is by sharing this information with others that we are met with questions we may not have considered, collaborators we may have never met, and solutions to problems we never anticipated.   

Interested in Presenting?

All proposals must be submitted to the Teaching Centre (via email no later than 4:30 PM on March 1st, 2024.

Guidelines for Submission.

The Teaching Centre and the Teaching and Innovation Advisory Council encourages anyone involved in teaching at the U of L to submit a proposal. We believe every instructor at the U of L, from tenured faculty to graduate teaching assistants, has something valuable to contribute to this symposium.   

Guiding Ideas  

Wondering how to get started? You will find suggestions below, but you are welcome (of course) to propose any teaching-related topic.  

  • Internationalization of curriculum   

  • Politics and teaching  

  • Indigenization and decolonization of education   

  • The scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education    

  • Experiential learning   

  • Mentorship experiences   

  • Digital teaching and learning   

  • The post-pandemic classroom  

  • Meaningful collaboration in the classroom 

  • Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning  

It is not our intention that you have to adhere to these categories, and please view them as suggestions.   

We encourage you to submit a proposal in the format that will work best for you
  • Individual Presentation: Includes an individual presentation, followed by a very brief Q and A at the end.  

  • Panel Discussion: A group of 2 or more discussing a topic, with a possible brief Q and A.  

  • Round-table Session: You (or you and another) will facilitate a discussion on a chosen topic.   

  • Graduate Student Poster Session: During the wine and cheese event, we will host a poster session focusing on graduate student teaching. If you are a graduate student involved in teaching courses at the U of L, we strongly encourage you to submit a proposal for your poster.    

All presentation formats will have a 45-minute time limit.     

Proposal Requirements:   
  • Maximum of 250 words.   

  • Brief and descriptive title for your presentation.   

  • You can include your proposal in the body of your email, or you may attach a Word document (doc or docx format)/plain text document (txt)   

Each presenter shall provide:  

  • Name    

  • Email   

  • Phone   

  • Faculty and Department  

  • Position (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, librarian, sessional instructor, graduate student, staff etc.)   

  • Short one to two-line bio that will be used for introductions during the conference   

  • Indicate the format you wish to use for your proposal (Individual Presentation, Panel Presentation, Round-Table discussion, Graduate Student poster)   

Once you submit your proposal, you will receive an email stating that your proposal was received and will be undergoing a review process.   Once we receive all proposals, a committee comprised of academic staff, the Teaching Centre, and members of the Teaching and Innovation Advisory Council will review your proposal. Upon completing the review process of the proposals, we will contact you and let you know if your proposal has been accepted or not.

We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to contribute.  

Past Keynote Speakers

2018 - Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Spark Keynote Address - Dr. Leroy Little Bear

2017 - Dr. Shelly Wismath

Spark 2017 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Shelly Wismath

2016 - Dr. Bryan Kolb


SPARK: 2016 Keynote Address - Dr. Bryan Kolb

2015 - Dr. Andrew Hakin


SPARK: Keynote Address - Dr. Andrew Hakin