Spark Teaching Symposium

Spark Teaching Symposium


May 3rd, 2023 | Markin Hall



The goal of the event is to connect with all instructors from across multiple departments and faculties to highlight innovative teaching methods, celebrate teaching excellence, and to explore how we are moving forward as a liberal education institution. We will do this via individual and group presentations as well as round-table discussions.

Thank you to all who participated in Spark 2023!


Past Keynote Speakers

2018 - Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Spark Keynote Address - Dr. Leroy Little Bear

2017 - Dr. Shelly Wismath

Spark 2017 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Shelly Wismath

2016 - Dr. Bryan Kolb


SPARK: 2016 Keynote Address - Dr. Bryan Kolb

2015 - Dr. Andrew Hakin


SPARK: Keynote Address - Dr. Andrew Hakin