Graduate Assistant Teaching Professional Development Program

Many graduate students at the University of Lethbridge are assigned work as a Teaching Assistants during their graduate program. Graduate Teaching Assistants may be required to grade examinations and assignments, instruct laboratory and tutorial classes, lead discussion groups, or teach an undergraduate level class. 

The Graduate Assistant Teaching Professional Development Program (GATPD) provides an opportunity for professional development in critical teaching skills, equipping graduate students to carry out their teaching duties effectively. Graduate students are also encouraged to attend the Teaching Centre's Talking about Teaching and Spark: Teaching Symposium events.

Participation in the GATPD provides an opportunity for professional development as well as formal recognition of involvement. At the conclusion of the academic year, students who have participated in the Teaching Centre's GATPD are eligible to receive a “Certificate of Participation” on MyExperience platform documenting their hours of completed participation in the program. This certificate can be a valuable addition to a graduate student’s curriculum vitae when applying for academic positions, doctoral programs, or post-doctoral placements.


GATPD - IMPACT Teaching and Learning Workshop


The name of our workshop, IMPACT, stands for Innovation, Mentorship, Planning, Assessment, Collaboration and Technology in Teaching and Learning. This workshop is designed to support graduate student professional development through critical reflection and application of best practices in teaching and learning.

This workshop will be delivered in person, with synchronous and asynchronous components. During these five sessions, you will learn and experience fundamental elements of pedagogy. These skills will enrich your professional growth and development as educators, by helping you to deliver informative and interactive sessions in online or traditional learning settings. You will be empowered to provide effective course delivery and manage the virtual or in-person classroom environment. Using Instagram and Flipgrid, integrated into Moodle, you will develop a sense of the student experience by participating in video and group discussions.


Session 1  - Building Community and Students Engagement 

Session 2 - Assessment, Grading and Feedback

Session 3 - Facilitation of Learning and Teaching

Session 4 - Strategies and Teaching Philosophy

Session 5 - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the Classroom



If you would like more information about the IMPACT workshops, please contact Diana Letts in the Teaching Centre.

THRIVE Workshops

The THRIVE Professional Development Program offers optional events, workshops, and other resources compliment your degree.

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