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Missing Tests or Final Exams

I have a midterm scheduled on a day when I need to be in Calgary for a medical appointment I've waited six months for.
Talk to your professor about writing the exam at a different time. You need to give as much time as possible (at least two weeks), as the professor will need time to prepare a different exam for you. You will need a doctor's note as proof. 


An important medical appointment gets scheduled during final exams.
If you cannot write a final exam for reasons beyond your control, you need to apply through your Faculty Academic Advising office (technically to the Faculty Dean) to move an exam date. A doctor’s note or other documentation is required. Having a flight or bus ticket home before your exam date is not considered a valid reason!


My car breaks down and I miss a midterm test or final exam.
Email or call your professor as soon as you can to explain the situation.  Keep any receipts as proof of breakdown. If you miss a final exam, visit your Faculty Academic Advising office to determine possible next steps.


I injure myself right before final exams and won’t recover for at least two weeks.
Be sure to get a doctor’s note to take to your Faculty Academic Advising office. Ask about making arrangements for an “incomplete” designation.


I have three final exams within 24 hours.
This is called an exam stack. You can go to your Faculty Academic Advising office to request accommodation. Typically, the second exam in a stack is rescheduled.