Enrolment & academic support

Indigenous student enrolment

Have questions about ULethbridge? Need to apply or register? Our team invites Indigenous people around the world to visit and attend ULethbridge, learn more about Iniskim and move into university-life smoothly.

We provide:

  • campus tours for prospective students and their families
  • enrolment advising to prospective and current students
  • program exploration and application
  • first year registration workshops
  • Indigenous student initiatives and supports
  • Elders in Residence program
  • Mentorship programs
  • Indigenous food cupboard

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Program support

Find the right program for you, contact an advisor, apply for graduation and more! We'll help you on your academic journey.

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Writing & study support

Gain study skills. Find tutoring and writing help. Contact the ULethbridge Library. We'll help you make the grade!

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Indigenous Student Success Certificate

You can get into university. You can start university after working, raising children, caring for family or another absence. The Indigenous Student Success Certificate (ISSC) is a way for Indigenous students who are not fully admissible to ULethbridge to enter (and succeed at) university.

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Cultural spaces & resources

Meet the Elders in Residence

With traditional teachings and storytelling, our Elders offer guidance, cultural support and encouragement to the campus community. All students are welcome and invited to meet with them on campus throughout the academic year in the Carolla (Napiakii) Calf Robe Elders and Ceremony Room (A430) or the Iikaisskini (Low Horn) Gathering Centre (W650).​

Events are sponsored by the Indigenous Governance and Business Management program. Read more about the Elders in Residence.

Francis First Charger, Niinaisipistoo (Owl Chief)
Francis First Charger

(Owl Chief)

Catherine (Cathy) Hunt, Staah’tsi’naims’skaa’ki (Thunder Pipe Woman Under the Sky)
Catherine Hunt

(Thunder Pipe Woman Under the Sky)

Shirlee Crowshoe, Miisaminiskim (Long Time Buffalo Rock)
Shirley Crowshoe

(Long Time Buffalo Rock)

Experiential learning & professional development


Scotiabank Mentors Program

The Youth Mentors Program matches ULethbridge students with Indigenous youth, helping them achieve their educational goals and participate in cultural programming.

The Alumni Mentors Program matches ULethbridge students with Iniskim alumni who share wisdom, guidance and support throughout the university experience.

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Influence Mentoring Program

A partnership between ULethbridge and the Influence Mentoring Society, the Influence Mentoring Program connects Indigenous students to Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals in a range of careers.

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My Experience

Find, keep track of and report on your learning experiences outside of classrooms and textbooks! MyExperience features:

  • A searchable catalogue of opportunities
  • Experiences for specific learning outcomes
  • A place to record the skills you gain
  • A calendar of events and workshops
  • Shareable experience records for employers (transcript)

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