Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Our Goal 

The goal of the Food for Thought initiative is to decrease food insecurity on campus by creating projects to assist students in accessing nutritious and satisfying meals. In addition to this, we hope to provide education on food insecurity and spread awareness on how it affects students. We also partner with organizations in our community to facilitate these food initiatives using our Food for Thought Fund Award. 

Food For Thought Initiatives

one of the little library food pantries fully stocked

Little Library Food Pantries

Our food pantries are located across campus and are filled periodically by the campus community.  

picture of produce from the campus gardens including strawberries, zucchini, and beans

Fresh Produce Deliveries

LPIRG and Food For Thought have teamed up to provide produce to students, sign up for a food box on LPIRDG's website or use the produce cart on campus.

picture of the campus gardens with a doubel rainbow above them

Campus Roots Community Garden

Seasonal project to manage garden plots, spend time outdoors gardening, and socializing with peers!

Food Literacy

We support events that encourage food literacy in the student body.

Lunches with Iikaisskini

The Iikaisskini (Low Horn) Gathering Centre will be hosting a lunch program in the Fall of 2023. Visit them to learn more!

lethbridge food bank logo

Lethbridge Food Bank Food Deliveries

The Lethbridge food bank will be delivering food to the university once a month. Look out for when they're on campus to come pick some up!

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