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Academic Advising
Academic Advisors in each Faculty/School are available to assist students with program planning. Advisors are available at workshops, and for walk-in and appointment times. You can ask an Advisor about academic regulations, course selection and program planning.

Academic Calendar
The University’s official document listing academic programs, policies and procedures.

If you’ve got questions relating to admission requirements, procedures, or transfer credit evaluations, you’ve come to the right place!

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University is an exciting time and we hope that this site will help you as you search for the program that will allow you to explore your interests and push you to new limits. The U of L will support you every step of the way. Just see how far your degree will take you.

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Access student and employee information, including your library privileges, benefits and deductions, jobs, pay, direct deposit, and T4 and T2202A information. You can also process and view Financial Services tools and reports.

Class Registration
If you wish to register to add, drop or search for available positions within courses, click here!

Computer Labs
Computer lab locations and schedules. Students have access to computer and internet for academic purposes.

Convocation is the formal ceremony for the conferral of degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Convocation ceremonies are held twice annually. The Spring ceremonies are scheduled for the Thursday and Friday following the week of the Victoria Day long weekend. The Fall ceremonies are scheduled for the Saturday following Thanksgiving in October.

Co-op Offices
Co-operative Education combines real-world work experience with academic studies and has garnered international recognition as the preferred way to complete a degree. The program works to create a partnership between students, the University, and the employer, and to offer students an extended learning environment, and the ability to network with employers. The co-op experience allows students to integrate academic semesters with work terms.

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Course Descriptions
Find descriptions of regularly offered courses as they appear in the Course Catalogue (section of the Academic Calendar). Descriptions of specific topics courses and series courses do not appear in the Course Catalogue. Contact the instructor for those descriptions.

Exam Schedule
Schedule of final exams by term and a link to your personal final exam schedule.

GPA Estimator
The GPA Estimator is located under the “Courses” tab at the top of ULink.  The GPA Estimator is an information tool for students to estimate cumulative grade point averages and to set GPA goals.  It is used most effectively in consultation with an advisor.

Students will find information on how to access online course materials and online tests. Instructors can request access to the Web Course Tools through an online form or download the course designer tutorial and the e-Pack guide.

Test Centre
Dedicated to providing students with an environment that is most conducive to exam writing.

Search for courses by term.

uLethbridge Mobile App
The University of Lethbridge mobile app keeps you connected to many of the common online services and information while you're on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Ulink Student Portal
ULink serves as your gateway to many University services like The Bridge, Moodle, Email, Library and more. It is designed to provide centralized access to all the information students need when interacting with the University by consolidating the most commonly used features all into one location.

Web Tools
Access links to manage and maintain personal websites, Webmail Accounts, Course Evaluations, Lab stats and Schedules and Class Websites.