It is always a good idea to carry a piece of photo identification with you, but we recommend that you leave your passport at home in a safe place whenever you do not require it for something specific.

If you do not have alternate ID, such as a driver's license, you can apply for an Alberta ID card at an authorized registry agent as long as you bring a Verification of Registration letter from the University of Lethbridge (which you can get online on the Bridge under the “Student” section). You may also need to provide proof of Alberta residence, your passport and your study permit. Note that the Alberta ID card is for your identification purposes only and does not permit you to operate a vehicle.

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number issued by the Government of Canada and used exclusively by you. You will need a SIN to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits.

Visit a Service Canada office to get your SIN.  You will need to take your passport and study permit with you.  Your study permit must indicate that you are authorized to work according to the regulations in order to be issued a SIN. You should receive your SIN during your visit and you will not be required to part with your study permit. For more detailed information on how to apply, visit here.

Your SIN is confidential and you should protect it. We recommend that you store any document containing your SIN in a safe location and do not keep it in a wallet or on your person. Do not share your SIN unless it is required.  See here for who can ask for your SIN and who cannot.