Volunteer Award Committee

The members of the Volunteer Award Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • Widely solicit nominations for consideration, select the recipient and advise Senate of the recipient.
  • Nominations will be held for three (3) years from receipt. Accordingly, each year on completion of the selection process, either the nomination will be moved to the approved pool, or held over for a 2nd (or 3rd) year, or the nominator will be advised that the file has completed three (3) years in the process and no further action will be taken, as appropriate. Updates of nominations are possible, but they must be received prior to the annual deadline for nominations.
  • Develop criteria and process for selection.
  • The Committee will recommend the recipient’s name(s) to Senate for approval at the April meeting.
  • There will normally be one award per year presented at the Chancellor’s Dinner during Spring Convocation.
  • The award will be determined by the selection committee. The administration of the award will be handled by the Chancellor’s office.
  • All proceedings of the Committee are strictly confidential.