Honorary Degree Committee Members

Committee Chair, appointed by the Senate
Bruce Galts

Ex Officio
Terry Whitehead, Chancellor
Digvir Jayas, President & Vice-Chancellor
Dena McMartin, Vice-President (Research)

Two (2) members of Senate, appointed by Senate
Heather MacBeath
Lynn Wyton

One (1) Alumni Representative, appointed by Alumni Association
Carole Goodreau - October 19, 2024

Two (2) members of Academic staff, appointed by GFC
Emma Scott - June 30, 2024
Cam Goater - June 30, 2024

Two (2) student representatives, one appointed by Students’ Council and one by the Graduate Students' Association
Brittany Allen, ULSU
Justin Dubiel, GSA

Resource Members (Non-voting)
Gage DeSteur, Governance Officer

Quorum = 6 Voting Members