Executive Committee

The members of the Senate Executive Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • Set the agendas and call all meetings of Senate
  • Carry out directives from the Senate
  • Delegate matters to the appropriate standing committees of Senate
  • Recommend to the Senate the establishment of task forces and foster requests for assistance from the administration, faculty, and student organizations within the University.
  • Establish task forces to carry out specific assignments when authorized by the Senate
  • Provide the Senate with reports from various segments of the University community and from Senate committees
  • Review committee activities and report to the Senate upon the success or otherwise and recommend changes when required
  • Obtain information and inform the Senate concerning the financial condition of the University each year
  • To solicit, review, and recommend to the Senate a list of nominees for
    • All Senate committees
    • Vacancies on the Senate of those elected by the Senate
    • Positions on any body on which the Senate has representation
    • Vacancies on any Senate Committee
    • Task forces