Indigenous Student
Success Cohort

Together, we'll build your Iniskim experience on a strong foundation

Not sure you have the grades or foundation to get into university? Want to start university after working, raising children, caring for family or another absence? Explore the Indigenous Student Success Cohort (ISSC) at the University of Lethbridge!

Rooted in Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning (IWKL), the ISSC helps Indigenous students gain the academic skills to enter into, and succeed at, ULethbridge.

Apply early to meet your Band's post-secondary education funding deadlines!

Be sure to check with your specific Band about funding deadlines. Blackfoot Confederacy deadlines are coming up:

Piikani funding deadline: June 15Kainai funding deadline: June 15 Siksika funding deadline June 15


Did you know? Funding for ISSC tuition, fees, books and technological needs comes from the MasterCard Foundation

About ISSC

What is the ISSC?

The ISSC is a full-time, first-year program for Indigenous students who may not meet ULethbridge admission requirements, have been away from school for a long period or who would prefer the support of a cohort. The eight-month program (September to April) provides:

  • courses that count toward your degree
  • cultural & peer support
  • academic advising
  • academic skills development
  • funding for ISSC tuition, fees, books and technological needs from the MasterCard Foundation

As an ISSC student you will be in a group (cohort) for your first year. 

What can I learn in ISSC?

  • Skills for academic success
  • Effective writing techniques
  • Library research and information gathering
  • Mathematics and computer skills
  • Creative-thinking techniques
  • How to blend health, life and career
  • How to bridge cultures and build knowledge in different subjects
  • How to blend the wisdom of Indigenous culture into your university experience
  • How to include IWKL in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts

Who is ISSC for?

The ISSC may be a good option if you:

  • do not meet ULethbridge admission requirements
  • have been away from school for a long period
  • would prefer the support of group learning

For admission to the ISSC, you must:

  1. be a self-identified Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) person
  2. hold credit for certain high school (or equivalent) courses OR have been out of high school for at least one year

Contact us! Admission to the ISSC is on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get into ISSC?

  1. Speak with an Enrolment Officer or EleV Navigator
  2. Apply before the August 15 deadline

Admission into the ISSC on a case-by-case basis.
There is no fee to apply.

What happens after ISSC?

Most ISSC courses count toward a degree, so you may continue into a ULethbridge degree program upon completing the ISSC successfully. Our faculties and schools offer more than 150 programs:

Your learning facilitator and advisors will help you consider your options!

Meet (a few members of) your Iniskim community

The Blackfoot name for ULethbridge is Iniskim, meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone

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Contact us

Indigenous Student
Enrolment Officer

Royal Adkin
P: 403-329-4598

EleV Kainai
Education Navigator

Jill Chief Calf
P: 403-308-1628

EleV Piikani
Education Navigator

Deserae Yellow Horn
P: 587-220-6833

EleV Siksika
Education Navigator

Leroy Wolf Collar
P: 403-324-9900
ISSC Program Coordinator

Dr. Michelle Hogue
P: 403-329-2369