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Only 1-of-3 possible graduate-level credential programs can be pursued and completed through the Calgary Campus, at this time:

  1. The Masters of Science in Management degree (MSc(Mgt) | Thesis and Project Pathway options available)
    • Choose from 6 possible management majors (click below links for major descriptions). One of these majors must be declared for either the Thesis or Project Pathway streams.
    • A concentration in Business Analytics (BANA) can be pursued for those who elect to apply for the Project Pathway stream of the MSc(Mgt) degree
      • BANA concentration currently not available for the Thesis Pathway stream
  2. The Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management (GCHSM | Course-based)
    • No declarable majors
  3. The Masters of Health Services Management degree (MHSM | Course-based)
    • No declarable majors

Please see the following document for detailed MSc(Mgt) admission, application/required documents, & program-related information: MSc(Mgt) Info Package

Please see the following document for detailed GCHSM & MHSM admission, application/required documents, & program-related information: GCHSM/MHSM Info Package


(Pre-Recorded) HSM Programs Information Webinar

HSM Faculty & Student Stories

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NON-DOMESTIC STUDENTS: Due to the part-time and blended learning delivery natures of both the MHSM and GCHSM, all international prospects must be aware that they will unfortunately NOT be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) upon graduating from either program, at this time. This is due to two main reasons:

  1. Both programs have been pre-determined to be completed on a part-time basis only (i.e. the option for full-time course enrollment does not exist for any HSM grad student); AND
  2. Their dominantly online/blended-learning delivery formats

According to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), no fewer than 50% of any given academic credential program’s entire curricula of coursework, as conferred by a federally-recognized designated learning institution, must comprise of face-to-face/in-person instructional learning time, from beginning-to-end. uLethbridge’s own HSM programs currently only have about a 30% proportion of face-to-face instructional time per course (which is significantly below the IRCC's minimum threshold for PGWP qualification), as both credentials were primarily designed to be flexible for actively working Canadian health care professionals who might have shift work.


For both International & Domestic grad applicants

Fall Intake

(Sept start)

Spring Intake

(Jan start)

Summer Intake

(May start)

MSc(Mgt) - All majors & pathways February 1 N/A N/A
GCHSM & MHSM March 1 N/A N/A

*Once-a-year only intake cycles

*All intake-specific application periods will close at 11:59pm (MST) on the deadline date indicated above.

*Deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the uLethbridge School of Graduate Studies (not always guaranteed)

*The application period for subsequent Fall intake terms will normally first open on September 1st of the previous year (e.g. Fall 2021 intake = applications opened on Sept 1, 2020).

**In contrast with undergraduate admission, where applications are evaluated one-at-a-time as they are received, graduate admission however waits until the established deadline has formally passed before admissibility assessments are conducted. All applicants who have been recorded and queued within the university's systems for review on the first business day after the application deadline, will be evaluated as a collective pool/cohort by the established graduate program committee - panel members will vary by credential - in the weeks that follow

See our Associated Fees webpage here

Funding opportunities for graduate studies at uLethbridge (e.g. scholarships, bursaries, financial awards etc.) will largely entail their own separate application processes, which will require all interested individuals to have applied and been successfully admitted into the university first – that is, they are never just arbitrarily given to non-active students. See the below weblinks for further information.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the ULETH School of Graduate Studies' (SGS) Awards Office for follow-up (all staff of whom are exclusively headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus in a centralized department):



uLethbridge's International Centre ( is able to provide counsel to both prospective and current international students on matters pertaining, but not limited to: international travel/quarantine requirements, immigration, Canadian residency, Canadian study permits/work permits/Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP), or bringing dependents, among others (see additional weblinks below):

*IMPORTANT: Due to our small size, the Calgary Campus currently does not possess any of its own institutionally-managed housing (onsite or offsite) services for admitted students, at this time. As a result, all inbound out-of-city/out-of-country students who are in need of living accommodations within the City of Calgary while they pursue their academic studies with uLethbridge, will be responsible for sourcing and coordinating their own living arrangements via researching local listing websites, such as (but not limited to):

All successfully admitted graduate program students (domestic and international) are provided with the opportunity to apply into the university’s Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Program (“Co-op” for short) as a way to supplement their studies and enhance the value of their program and potential employment prospects upon graduation. Co-op job positions will usually consist of full-time paid work experience and will be typically related to the student’s respective area of study/major.

At this time, Co-op Work Terms are not built directly into any given uLethbridge credential program’s curriculum and are also not required for graduation purposes, at this time - that is, they are 100% OPTIONAL - meaning that a student can fully graduate from their respective uLethbridge degree without pursuing a Co-op.

Admission into Co-op will entail its own separate application process to which individual students can elect to apply for at any point during their studies (even during one's first year) so long as it is accomplished before formally applying to graduate from the university during their last term of study.

Questions? Contact the uLethbridge Career Bridge office at

MSc(Mgt) - Dhillon School of Business Graduate Programs Office:

GCHSM & MHSM - Health Services Management Graduate Programs Office:

*All other graduate programs and majors not displayed above (e.g. MA, MSc (non-Mgt), MEd, MC, PhD, Grad Certificates/Diplomas etc.) are exclusively delivered in-person through the Lethbridge Campus, at this time

Link to complete listing of current ULETH graduate programs


If you are interested in pursuing a Lethbridge Campus-only graduate program, please complete the university's online Request Information form here.


Grad App Process FAQs

Crafting a High Quality Grad App (Pre-recorded Webinar)


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