Marking and Grading with Rubrics

Listed below are different types of sample rubrics. They have been placed online in Word Document (docx) format so that upon download you can use the template for your own assessments. The documents can be viewed in google doc viewer online. Just click the download button to download the docx file after viewing it.

Analytic Rubric

An analytic rubric allows you to mark the specific components of a submission using a clearly defined scale. The score for each component is defined by specific criteria. The grade assigned is usually the sum or factored sum of the individual scores assigned for each component.

Holistic Rubric

A holistic rubric provides a detailed description of a complete and robust response to an assignment and possible scores for different levels of quality of response. The marker assigns a grade to a particular student response as a whole in comparison to the standards defined for each level of quality.

Anaholistic Rubrics

“Anaholistic” rubrics, as the name implies, are a hybrid of analytical and holistic rubrics which identify specific components of an assignment that will be graded. An “anaholistic” rubric, however only identifies the criteria which need to be assessed and the maximum grade which may be awarded for each component of an assignment. The marker must decide what grade to award for each component based on the criteria provided. Criteria may be weighted as well, if necessary and appropriate.

Quick Rubric Creator

A free online tool that allows you to create rubrics using an easy online interface. Quick Rubric creator can be accessed at