2014 - 2015 Issue

Project Manager and Editor: Brad Reamsbottom

Design: Glenda Martens and Brad Reamsbottom

Cover Photo: Featured - Jan Newberry (Deparment of Anthropology) Photographer - Glenda Martens

Feature Writers and Contributors: Kurtis Hewson, David Hinger, Michelle Hogue, Harold Jansen, Jason Laurendeau, Jennifer Mather, Sheila McManus, Tom Perks, John Poulsen, Brad Reamsbottom, Hillary Rodrigues

Copy Editor: Betsy Greenlees

Table of Contents

Director's Message 2014 -2015
by David Hinger

What has the Teaching Centre been doing?
by Brad Reamsbottom

Teaching: It's what we want to do
by Leanne Elias, Dan Johnson and Sheila McManus

The Space for Active Learning
by Jan Newberry

So What Exactly is SCALE-UP?
by Victoria Holec

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
by Kurtis Hewson and John Poulsen

All Chinese are Obsessed with Dragons: A conversation about team-teaching, authority and Liberal education
by D. Bruce MacKay & Kevin M. McGeough

The Educational Conundrum of Making Mistakes
by Mark Pijl Zieber

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