2015-2016 Issue

2015-2016 Issue

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"Embracing Liberal Education: Teaching the Next Generation of Thinkers"

Thank you to all of our contributors who submitted articles this year. We had an overwhelming response to the liberal education theme, and our magazine expanded significantly this year. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Project Manager: Brad Reamsbottom

Design: Glenda Martens and Brad Reamsbottom

Cover Photo: Featured: Michelle Hogue - Assistant Professor & Coordinator of the First Nations Transition Program, Photographer: Glenda Martens

Feature Writers and Contributors: Carly Adams, Jeff Charlton, Callista Chasse, Beth Cormier, Jesse Couture, Sandra Cowan, Lisa Doolittle, Nicole Eva, Michelle Hogue, Victoria Holec, Jason Laurendeau, Corey Makoloski, Luz Ospina, John Poulson, Jackie Rice, Stewart Rood, Vanja Spiric, Kayla Ueland, Amy Von Heyking, Shelly Wismath, and Samuel Woodman

Copy Editor: Betsy Greenlees