2013-2014 Teaching Centre Magazine

2013-2014 of Light on Teaching

ISSN 2292-0161

Editor and Project Manager: Brad Reamsbottom

Design: Glenda Martens

Photography: Bernie Wirzba, Glenda Martens

Feature Writers & Contributors: Kurtis Hewson, David Hinger, Michelle Hogue, Harold Jansen, Jason Laurendeau, Jennifer Mather, Sheila McManus, Tom Perks, John Poulsen, Brad Reamsbottom, Hillary Rodrigues

Copy Editor: Betsy Greenlees

Table of Contents

Igniting the Light: A Message from the Director
by David Hinger

What Makes a Classroom an Effective Learning Environment
by Dr. Tom Perks

Whose Learning is it Anyway?
by Dr. Jennifer Mather

Flipping the Classroom
by Brad Reamsbottom

Paperless Papers
by Dr. Harold Jansen

FEATURE ARTICLE: Texting in a New, Old-Fashioned Way
by Dr. Hilary Rodrigues

Standardized Testing: Fair or Not?
by Dr. John Poulsen and Kurtis Hewson

[He]art of Teaching
by Dr. Michelle Hogue, Dr. Jason Laurendeau and Dr. Sheila McManus

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