Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Postdoctoral fellows are appointed to positions, primarily as research employees engaged in a period of mentored advanced training, which allows them to conduct research after the completion of their doctoral studies and transition from students to independent scholars. 

Postdoctoral fellows make many extremely valuable contributions in the areas of research, teaching, and innovation to our campus. They are an important part of maintaining a thriving, vibrant research community and are central to the success of our institution. As a research-intensive comprehensive university, the University of Lethbridge strives to provide unique opportunities for postdoctoral fellows to pursue their passion for research and teaching, as well as the opportunity for our emerging researchers to work with, and be mentored by, world-class faculty members who are conducting research at the frontiers of knowledge and creativity.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs strives to provide resources, information, and opportunities that will enhance the postdoctoral experience.

Please review the information in the following sections for more information on the opportunities available at the University of Lethbridge and the appointment process for postdoctoral fellows. If you require additional information please email the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at