High School Awards

Do you like free money?

You can find it at uLethbridge through a wide range of scholarships and awards. Many of these awards are given out based on your grades, but other criteria like leadership, financial need, community involvement, or artistic ability may also be considered.

While not all awards require you to apply, you will access more award opportunities when you complete the online award application. Keep in mind that any uLethbridge awards you receive will be dependent on your decision to attend the University of Lethbridge.

You don't have to wait until you are in Grade 12 to start planning for university, especially if your plans include the University of Lethbridge! Our Grade 11 Merit Award is given to students who fill out our online form by June 30 in their Grade 11 year. It is a simple process — no essay or letters of recommendation necessary. Awards will be given to the highest achieving Grade 11 students.

We typically send out notification letters in October.

How To Apply: Submit the online form before June 30th in your Grade 11 year. This award is calculated using your Grade 11 average.

Deadline: June 30

Our Board of Governors’ (BOG) Admission Scholarships reward students who apply early to uLethbridge. It may be combined with other uLethbridge awards, e.g., High School Entrance Awards and the Grade 11 Merit Award. Remember to apply early to maximize the value of your scholarships.

In order to be considered for the Board of Governors’ Admission Scholarship, you need to apply before the early admission deadline. That's it.

How to Apply: Submit a completed application for admission before December 15 to be automatically considered for the scholarship. Scholarships will be given to the highest achieving students entering uLethbridge with Grade 12 marks.

Deadline: December 15

To be eligible for one of our High School awards, you must be coming to uLethbridge either directly from high school, or without having attended another post-secondary institution. High School awards are available based on your admission average as well as other criteria, such as leadership ability, volunteer experience, financial need, or artistic ability. A separate scholarship application is required for these awards. A reference letter and/or essay may be required for certain awards that are accessible through the online application.

How to Apply: Log in to the Bridge and fill out the General and the Undergraduate scholarship applications online

Deadline: March 15 | Value: up to $6,000

How do I apply for scholarships?

  • Log in to the Bridge
  • Enter their uLethbridge student ID number and Password
  • Click on ‘Student’
  • Click on ‘Apply for uLethbridge Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries’ and sign in
  • Complete the ‘General Application’, the ‘Undergraduate Scholarship and Awards Application’ and any other award opportunities that may appear
  • Click ‘Finish and Submit’ to complete each application before the March 15 deadline
  • If you have questions regarding your ID number or the Bridge, please contact us.

Are there any other scholarships I can apply for?

External Awards are awards offered through organizations or institutions other than the University of Lethbridge. The application process is specific to each organization, and applications for these awards are not available through the uLethbridge scholarships program. Some are based on academic merit, but many of them will be based on other criteria such as financial need, volunteer work, community involvement, leadership experience, etc. Finding these awards involves some work on your part, but it can really pay off in the end. Some resources to investigate are listed below.

Online Resources:

For more award information visit: Scholarships and Student Finance