External Awards

Many agencies, employers and organizations offer awards for post-secondary students. Samples of criteria may include particular disciplines of study, visible minority groups, community involvement, and/or financial need.

See the list below for further details:

  • your provinical government - if you maintained honours standing during high school;
  • your parents' employer or union (e.g. Imperial Oil Limited, Fording Coal Ltd, UFCW, Lafarge Canada Ltd.);
  • the clubs or associations you, or your parents belong to (e.g. 4-H, Cadets, Royal Arch Masons, Kinsmen) and
  • various businesses, organizations and interest groups dedicated to assisting specific categories of students may offer awards

Other useful resources:

Research Awards

For Undergraduate Research Awards please visit Research and Innovation Services

Confirmation of enrolment for external awards

We can verify external scholarships such as:

  • BC Passport to Education
  • Other Provincial Scholarships issued from Government

Confirmation of Educational Trust Funds

Students can print off a confirmation of enrolment letter for Educational Trust Funds such as RESPs through a self-service option on The Bridge. Log into The Bridge and select the "Registrar's and Student Services" tab, and then select "Verification of Enrolment Letters" from the list of options. From there you may select one for RESPs or one for general use (line of credit applications, health care, etc.)