Review applications and forms required as part of your educational experience. Fine Arts Advisors are available to discuss any of these options, or any forms not seen, and how they fit into your program.

Location: W660

Contact a Fine Arts Advisor

Visiting Student Authorization

To take a course from another institution, come in to talk with an Academic Advisor.

Student Program Change

Changing programs from a different faculty or program requires a specific form and a review of any admissions requirements. Come in to talk with an Academic Advisor about your options.

  • Log into your Bridge Account to "Request to Apply to a Faculty/School or Change Program"

Independent Study

Independent studies are usually offered at the 3000 or 4000-level and should not duplicate the contents of existing courses. There are three general formats in which an independent study can be done (although this list is by no means exhaustive):

  1. Build on or extend from existing courses
  2. Be in areas in which no courses are offered in this department
  3. Project-based

The usual way to begin the process is to contact a professor who may be interested in supervising your independent study and then discussing what might be appropriate. It should be noted that a course outline is required and final project reports and presentations are typical.

Independent Studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts require both an Independent Study form as well as the Fine Arts Independent Study Proposal form. Once both forms are completed, students will need to meet with an Academic Advisor to have their proposal approved. In some cases, the proposal must also go to a department committee for review.

The Fine Arts Independent Study proposal and Independent Study Registration Form must be submitted to the Fine Arts Advising Office by the following deadlines in advance of the intended term of study: 
  • Fall Term – August 1 (but the prior April 1 is strongly recommended)
  • Winter Term – December 1
  • Summer Term – April 1

Contact Fine Arts Advising about the process.

Application for Incomplete Course or Withdrawal with Cause

An incomplete or a withdrawal with cause both require a visit to the Advising office. A withdrawal with cause will require additional information.

  • Must meet with an Academic Advisor

Pre-Requisite Waiver

To register for a course that you do not have the pre-requisite for will require a signed Pre-Requisite Waiver form signed by the instructor and the Assistant Dean.

Application for Graduation

Check dates and fill in the Application for Graduation on the Bridge.

Wait-list Form

All registration requests will be reviewed to determine if they meet one of the valid reasons for registration assistance.

Wait-list Form