What if I have an emergency and cannot complete or continue in my course(s)?

In the event of a serious illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from completing your course(s), you may be eligible for a "Withdrawal With Cause." You must apply to your Faculty Advising Office for this, and it will be denoted on your transcript as a 'WC' and will have no impact on your GPA.

If you have completed most of the course work in a course and encounter serious extenuating circumstances during or after the last two weeks of classes, you may be eligible for an "Incomplete." You must apply to your Faculty Advising Office for an Incomplete. This will give you additional time to complete your course requirement(s). Until you have completed your requirement(s) or the deadline for you to complete the requirement(s) passes, an 'I' will appear on your transcript. Once you complete your course the 'I' will be changed to your earned grade. If you fail to complete the course requirement(s) before the deadline the 'I' will be changed to an 'F'.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, it is best to contact a Student Program Advisor as soon as possible. Please note that documentation is required to support the need for an Incomplete and/or a Withdrawal With Cause.


What if the course I need or want is full or reserved?

If you are unable to register in a Fine Arts course during your assigned registration window, you may submit a wait-list request during the wait-list period. Do not give up trying to register!

If you cannot register in a course that you want to take, you should register in another course (as a back-up) and keep trying for your desired course. Persistence is usually rewarded!  


What if I'm not in the classes I want at the beginning of the semester, or I want to change my schedule?

Courses may be added until the end of the first week of classes and dropped without penalty before the extended drop date. Check Important Dates and Deadlines page for these dates!


What if I want to drop a class?

You can drop courses yourself via your Bridge account until the end of the extended drop period, and fees will not be applied. Dropped courses will be removed from your transcript.


Can I drop a class after the extended drop period has ended?

After the extended drop period you will need to withdraw from any courses you do not wish to complete. This can be done at any time up until the last day of classes.

If you withdraw from a course, it will be noted with a 'W' on your transcript and will have no impact on your GPA.

To withdraw from a course, you withdraw the course yourself online via the Bridge


What if I want to take a course in a different field, but am worried that I might not do as well as I would like?

If you are interested in taking a course but are worried that if you do poorly, your grade point average (GPA) will suffer, Credit/Non-Credit is for you. It was designed to help you expand your academic horizons while protecting your GPA.

When you designate a course as Credit/Non-Credit, you have essentially insured your GPA because you will not receive a letter grade in the course unless you earn a 'C' or better. If you earn a grade lower than a 'C' but still pass the course, a 'Cr' (Credit) will appear on your transcript. You retain credit from the course in your degree program but a 'Cr' does not affect your GPA. If you fail the course a 'NC' (No Credit) will appear on your transcrpt. This indicates that you did not receive credit for the course, but a 'NC' does not bring down your GPA.

The Credit/Non-Credit option is not available for every course you will take. Consult the Academic Regulations section of the University of Lethbridge Undergraduate Academic Calendar for more information on which courses are eligible for Credit/Non-Credit. There is also a specific window in which you can designate a course as Credit/Non-Credit. Check the Important Dates and Deadlines page for these dates.