What is wait-listing?

The Faculty of Fine Arts will accept requests from new and continuing students who were unable to access required Lethbridge Campus Fine Arts courses during their initial registration dates for Fall or Spring terms.


When can I wait-list?

Wait-listing for FALL 2024 will begin on March 19 at 9 AM until August 15, 2024, at Noon. Wait-listing is not available for Summer courses. 


How do I wait-list for a uLethbridge Fine Arts course?

Fine Arts Wait-List Form

Make sure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The course must be required for your current major.
  • The course must be offered within the Faculty of Fine Arts.
  • Students with majors in the Fine Arts may be wait-listed for courses in other Fine Arts disciplines.
  • You must have the prerequisite(s) for the course, or you must e-mail a signed Fine Arts Prerequisite Waiver Form to Fine Arts Advising in W660 before submitting your request. Waiver forms from other faculties will not be accepted. The Faculty of Fine Arts reserves the right to rescind an approved prerequisite waiver in the event a major with the prerequisite requires access to the course.
  • The course must fit your schedule. If there is a time conflict or registration in the course will cause you to exceed the maximum credit hours allowed, you will be removed from the wait list, unless you have indicated which course to drop.
  • You must have previously attempted to register yourself in the course.·
  • You are not already registered in another section of the course.·
  • You do not have any cash holds.


What if I am not eligible for wait-listing?

If you are not eligible for wait-listing, keep in mind that there is lots of registration movement and a seat may open up in the course you want in one of the following ways:

  • Fine Arts courses that are initially reserved for specific majors will have the reserves dropped in late July for Fall term and in December for Spring term, resulting in possible available seats. You should keep checking the Bridge for availability in the event reserves are removed earlier.
  • Students are constantly adding and dropping classes once initial registration is over, especially between the first day of classes until the add/drop deadline.

If you are persistent in checking, you may be successful in adding the course. If you do no meet the wait-list eligibility, but feel you have extenuating circumstances that require you to be in a specific course in the upcoming semester, please meet with a Faculty of Fine Arts advisor.


Wait-list Priority

  1. Students requiring courses in their declared major.
  2. Students in Faculty of Fine Arts programs seeking access to a fine arts course outside their declared major.

Wait-list requests are prioritized based on your degree progress. Students closest to finishing their degree will receive higher priority. Wait-lists are reviewed periodically throughout the waitlist period so those who wait-list earlier may be slightly advantaged.


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