Getting the Job

Get the job - we are here to help.


Can someone help me with my resume and cover letter?

Please feel free to ask us for assistance with your resume and cover letter. We can give you valuable tips and suggestions that can make your application a winner. Also, plan on attending one of our regularly offered workshops.


How do I apply for a job posted on the board?

Applying for jobs through the student portal is easy! Once you are admitted to the Co-op program you will be granted access to the online job board. To log on to the job board, you will need to use your University of Lethbridge email username and password. If you are having difficulties with the online job board please contact us. Simply search for jobs that interest you, apply with requested documents (resume, cover letter, transcripts, etc.) and watch your dashboard for updates on each position you apply to! More specifics can be found in the student help files within your student portal.


Is it my choice where and when I go on Co-op?

You have the right to decide where and when you want to do a Co-op work term. However, it is recommended that you not limit yourself too much as that will decrease the number of opportunities available to you.

University of Lethbridge Co-op students have worked in countries like England, Germany, Israel, and the United States. You can do Co-op anywhere in the world at anytime during your degree. You should talk to the Co-op office or Arts and Science Academic Advising about sequencing your courses with work terms.


If I want to apply for more than one position with a company, should I submit a cover letter for each position?

Yes, unless the posting tells you otherwise. A cover letter greatly increases your chances of being selected for an interview and allows you to relate your skills to the specific job requirements. Many applications go to Human Resources Departments and then are distributed to individual Managers.


I have applied for a job but have not yet heard back?

Our office is diligent in following up with employers. Once interviewees are selected, we will notify all candidates, successful or not. Please note: we follow up with employers after 2 weeks has lapsed. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding jobs you have applied for.


I have had an interview and have not yet heard back?

Once hiring decisions are finalized, our office will contact all candidates, successful or not. Contact us if you have any concerns.


I have applied for several jobs and am not getting any interview calls, why?

Sometimes the recruitment process can be quite lengthy. Our office does its very best to keep students up-to-date on the status of all positions. If you would like to discuss the effectiveness of your cover letter and/or resume, contact us to book an appointment.


I have had several interviews but have not received any job offers, why?

It may be related to your interview approach and strategy. Contact us to book an appointment and discuss this further.


How do employers select students?

Students apply to positions posted by Co-op by submitting their application as per the posting requirements. Co-op usually communicates with the employer on your behalf for decisions regarding interviews. Once interviews have taken place, the employer makes offers of employment.