Domestic Undergraduate Students

1. Apply to Co-op & Register for Co-op Admission Course (CAC)

Admission Course dates will be available for the entire semester for you to select.  If dates do not work for you, try again next semester or contact the Co-op Office.


Degree Type GPA Requirement
BA 2.5 or higher
BSc 2.3 or higher
BMgt 2.7 or higher
BSc Health Sciences 2.5 or higher
BFA 2.5 or higher

Even if you do not meet the GPA requirements at this time, still apply to Co-op to have a follow up conversation with a Co-op Coordinator to build a plan for you moving forward.

Credit Hours

  • If you have more than 105 credit hours, you will need to have an initial conversation with a Co-op Admissions Coordinator after you apply to the Co-op Program to make sure you have the necessary support in place.

What year should I be in to apply?

  • Any year!
  • Because recruiting begins four to eight months prior to the start date for a position, and time and effort are needed to prepare for the recruitment process, we encourage students to join the Co-op Program in your first year or as soon as you start classes at the U of L.  It is typical to complete your first work term after you have completed at least ten courses toward your degree so that you have sufficient academic experience to fulfill employer needs.  If you are past your first year, the Co-op program is still for you.  Apply today.

I am almost graduating; is it too late to apply?

  • It is typical to have a minimum of 3 courses remaining in your degree to start a co-op.   Contact the Co-op office for more information about this.  

What if I’ve already graduated?

  • The Co-op program is for undergraduate students who have not completed their degrees. If you have already graduated, Career Services (CCS) is available to help with resume writing, on-campus recruiting and career research. 
  • Login here to book an appointment with a Career Coach.

2.  Attend Co-op Admission Course (CAC)

You will be contacted by the Co-op office confirming your application and your registration in the Co-op Admissions Course (CAC). 

Prior to attending you will be emailed (to your ulethbridge email address) checklists and additional resources to help you work on your application documents (resume, cover letter and references).  This will hep ensure you meet the Co-op programs professional standards.

For additional support

Job Application Toolkit

Co-op Sample Job Postings

3. Read and sign Co-op Agreement

The contract will be sent to you from the Co-op Office using Docusign.  You need to complete this to continue forward in the program. 

4. Co-op Job Board Access

Once you have been approved by a Co-op Admissions Coordinator and completed all other requirements, you will have access to the Co-op Job Board.  Ensure that you engage with the MyExperience platform, the web resources, and your Co-op Admissions Coordinator to find support as you apply and interview for positions.

5. Apply for jobs

Please be advised that even in job applications through MyExperience, your documents will be monitored to ensure that they meet the Co-op programs standards and employer needs.

Resources to help

Access to Co-op Job Board 


Job Application Toolkit

Option: Self Initiated Co-op

If you find a position outside of the Co-op Job Board that meets the Co-op Admissions Coordinators requirements, this can potentially be registered as a Co-op Work Term Course.  Contact your Co-op Admissions Coordinator or to discuss this option further.  

6. Landing a Job

Congratulations!  After interviewing and gaining a job offer, contact to send in your contract and employer information. 

You will be registered by the Co-op Office for your Co-op Work Term Course (your student status will remain full time during all of your work term placements).

7. Start you Work Term Course

  • Attend Send Off with the Co-op Office prior to starting your work placement.  All of this information will be sent out to you in an email prior to your semester start. 
  • You will be assigned a Co-op Coordinator that will support you work placement and course.  They will reach out to you after add/drop deadlines for the University.  
  • Your Co-op Coordinator will be marking your assignments, facilitating monitor visits, and supporting you through your personal and professional development through the course. 
  • Co-op Work Term Courses are academic non-credit courses that will appear on your academic and MyExperience transcripts.

Professionalism in the Workplace

8. Co-op Designation

To receive a Co-op Designation that will be on your degree certificate, see chart below.

Student Type Work Terms Required for Designation Maximum Work Terms
Domestic Undergrad 3 (12 months) 6 (24 months)