Linux / Gitlab Account Policy csnet

LINUX and Gitlab Account Policy

Conditions of use for all accounts on the
Mathematics & Computer Science UNIX csnet (
(revised 1 October 2020)

 Usage of account implies acceptance of the following restrictions.  These restrictions are in addition to any applicable university regulations, computing services codes and laws.  Violation of any of these conditions may result in suspension of all the user’s accounts and possible denial of any future accounts – such users are responsible for obtaining their own computing resources in order to complete course or other work.  Violation may also result in university disciplinary proceedings or criminal prosecution against a user.  Where violations are suspected, the right of privacy and confidentiality of users’ data is suspended.  Users are required to cooperate in investigations when requested.

 Accounts are not to be shared in any way with other people.  The only exception is for the completion of group assignments.

Modifications or storage of data is restricted to the user’s home directory.  System files are not to be modified in any way by users other than the system administrators.  Users will not seek the data of other users or system data when such data is intended to be private.  Users will not attempt to circumvent security, for instance, by creating or exploiting security holes.  Users agree not to attempt to hide their true identity when using facilities.  Root privileges are to be used for system administration purposes only and only by users who are authorized for this purpose.

Activities during the use of facilities which annoy other users or reduce security are prohibited.  Such facilities include:  wall, rwall, rebooting machines, .rhost files.

Users agree not to make inefficient or wasteful use of printers, work stations, terminals and other resources.  Users undertake to make frugal use of printing resources.  All printer usage is subject to a per user quota and/or charge.

Use of facilities for commercial venture or personal profit is prohibited.  Users shall not violate copyright laws, for instance, by “pirating” software.

During scheduled lab time, lab work station consoles are for use by class members only and all other people must leave unless explicitly granted access.

 Food and especially drinks are prohibited in the labs due to the danger posed to the equipment.

Additional conditions for use of student and general accounts (these accounts have lognames ending in 1 or 4 digits).

  • If the logname ends with four digits:  (eg.) doej1620
    The sole use for these accounts is for course-related work.
  • If the logname ends with a single digit 7, 8 or 9:  (eg.) doej9
    These accounts are primarily for research/university work.
  • If the logname ends with a single digit 4:  (eg.) doej4
    These accounts are for student use.  They are for educational and research purposes, and are intended for use in learning more about UNIX, programming, computing and mathematical research. 

 If a console is needed by a student for course work, you must relinquish the console.  

All printer usage must be purchased in advance.  The current charge is 10 cents per single side or 16 cents per double-sided page, and is sold in (non-refundable) units of 100 pages.

Installation of software, games or setuid programs is prohibited.

Only lab machines are to be used.  Use of other machines is prohibited, unless allowed by lab instructors.

Additional conditions of use for special accounts:

  • (lognames not ending in one or more digits, eg. Doe)
  • Use of file servers is prohibited unless prior written permission is given by the system administrator.  File servers are to be used for file serving and system administration purposes only.
  • Installation of setuid files is strictly prohibited.  Installation of software in home directories is strongly discouraged, except for personal use or testing purposes.  In keeping with the design philosophy of UNIX, whenever possible, software should be made freely available to all users in a system public directory.
  • Printing of e-mails is discouraged.  Use file previewers instead of printers whenever possible.

AGREEMENT (fillable): 
“To apply for a ‘4’ account, complete the agreement form.  When complete, email it to for approval.”