If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands of a particular course or need to withdraw from a course for any reason after the Extended Drop deadline (see Academic Schedule for deadline details) you may do so up until and including the last day of classes. To withdraw, you must visit the Registrar’s Office and fill out a Course Withdrawal Form. Please keep in mind that if you choose to withdraw from a course after the Extended Drop deadline, you will be charged full fees for that course. If you withdraw from a course, it will not be factored into your GPA calculations and you will receive a designation of ‘W’ on your transcript.

Prior to withdrawing from a course, you should consult with one of our International Student Advisors. You may wish to consult your professor and an Academic Advisor as well.

Withdrawal with Cause

In the event of serious illness or personal emergency outside your control, which prevents you from completing a course and an ‘Incomplete’ designation is not suitable, you may be granted a ‘Withdrawal with Cause’. You may be asked to provide evidence of the illness or circumstances that resulted in your withdrawal, such as a doctor’s note. You will be assessed full fees for the course(s) in which you were registered, the same as you would in the case of a typical withdrawal. The designation ‘WC’ will appear on your transcripts.