Preparing for Your First Day

Being prepared for your first day

The first day at a new job can be stressful! We are here to make this process as easy as possible. Below are some helpful tips and resources to help you prepare for your first day at ULethbridge. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources at 


Getting to Campus

You can locate more information on getting to campus at the Parking & Transportation homepage. This page includes information on how you can get to campus, what parking options are available, and information on public transit. ULethbridge serves as a key transit hub for the West Side and buses regularly travel to and from campus throughout the day. There are also several bike racks on campus, as well as the option to rent a bicycle locker through the Horns Sports and Recreations Services.


Parking Services

If you wish to park on campus, our Campus Mobility Services Office can help with all parking permits needs. In order to park on campus, you must have an active parking pass. There are designated Pay and Park locations on campus (marked with blue lines) that allow you to park in designated areas and pay by the hour using a payment kiosks located at each Pay and Park location or using the Honk Mobile app. The Honk Mobile app allows you to pay for and renew temporary parking passes from your phone and receive notifications of when your temporary pass is about to expire.


Important Parking Information:

  • To request an employee parking pass, please email and indicate you wish to purchase an employee parking pass. You will need to provide you employee ID number for this process.
  • ULethbridge utilizes virtual parking passes that uses your license plate number, rather than a physical pass. You are required to park "nose-in" so that Campus Mobility staff are able to easily check your license plates. Tickets will be issued for failure to park in the prescribed manner. Please see the Mobility Services homepage for more information.
  • Some employees will qualify to have their parking fees deducted from their paycheque on a monthly basis, for more information contact
  • You may notice a link entitled "Online Parking Services" in the Employee tab in the Bridge. To date, this option is only available to students. Employee parking permits must be requested directly from the Campus Mobility Services Office via email. 
  • Active permit holders have the ability to modify or add a new vehicle to their permit by logging into their account in the Parking Services Portal using their ULethbridge credentials. Only one (1) vehicle is allowed to park on campus with an active permit at a time. Any additional vehicles must utilize the Pay and Park option. 



How to Obtain a ULethbridge ID Card

Depending on your department, the hiring manager or department administrator may submit a request for an ID card on your behalf. Below, you will find the process for requesting an ID card if you are asked to submit the request on your own. Please be sure to check with your new department before submitting a request for an ID card to avoid duplication. 


Once you have completed your Campus Login setup, you can submit a ticket to our IT Solutions Centre Service Portal to get an employee ID card. If you are currently a student, your Student ID will also function as your Employee ID. 

  1. After you have logged into the IT Solutions Centre using your ULethbridge credentials, click Request a Service

  2. You will automatically be taken to the Popular Items menu. From this menu, you can select Request Campus ID Card. (This option is also available under the Printing & Scanning menu).

  3. Complete the form by providing the information requested. If this is your first time requesting an ID or if your previous ID photo is older than five (5) years, you will be required to submit a new photo as part of the request process. The form includes instructions on taking and submitting an appropriate photo if applicable. 

  4. After completing and submitting the request form, you will receive a confirmation email to your Campus Webmail that the form has been submitted.

  5. You will then receive a notification of when your ID card is ready. This email will include instructions on when and where you can pick up your ID card. You will be required to show government-issued ID if this is your first ID card request or it has been more than three (3) years since you departed the university.

    • For those working on the Lethbridge Campus, ID cards can be picked up at the ITS Solutions Centre in Turcotte Hall (TH218)


Please Note: Some areas on campus require an Access Card for security purposes that is separate from your ID card. If an Access Card is required to access your new workspace, your department administrator or manager will ensure you are provided with this card.

If you have not been provided an Access Card and require it to access your new workspace, please contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) Solutions Centre.

Phone: (403) 329-2490


If you are experiencing issues with your Access Card or are generally unable to access your workspace, please contact Campus Security Services.

Phone: 403-329-2549 


Finding Your New Workspace

Be sure to connect with your manager to determine the location and time to meet on your first day. If you are unsure who your manager is or how to reach them, please refer to the Campus Directory, which lists all ULethbridge schools and faculties and non-academic departments and their contact information. 

Please refer to the links to the right for maps of our campuses, as well as a guide to all buildings on our Lethbridge campus and a guide to our Room Numbering System to help you find where you need to go on your first day!