Labour Relations

ULethbridge Bargaining Philosophy

In alignment with our Institutional Strategic Plan and People Plan, ULethbridge seeks to engage in collective bargaining in a manner that is mindful of the value our employees bring to the institution and the positive impact our employees have on student experience and our relationships with the wider community. As an institution, ULethbridge must balance employee needs with student needs and experience, financial sustainability, and the long-term goals of the institution. ULethbridge will always strive to engage with the various labour unions and associations that represent employees at our institution as partners in the important work of maintaining positive relationships between employee and employer.


At ULethbridge, we seek to approach collective bargaining guided by the following principles:

We are committed to transparent and honest conduct both at the negotiating  table and in our communications with the campus community

ULethbridge recognizes that our operations and ability to provide a quality employee and student experience are directly tied to our long-term and short-term financial sustainability. To that end, we must seek a balance between employee satisfaction, well-being, and success with the current economic climate and related fiscal considerations for our institution. 

We seek to work collaboratively with labour unions and associations to continue the vital work of embedding the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion into the ULethbridge. We strive to ensure that opportunities to work and thrive at ULethbridge are available to a diverse range of individuals who will bring new perspectives and ideas to our campus. As an institution, we value fostering a campus environment that is welcoming to all.

In order to engage in productive bargaining with our union partners and leaders, as well as to set a good example within our community, we must demonstrate respect for the bargaining process. We also must foster a culture of respect for the unions with which we engage in collective bargaining. We must act with respect and civility at the negotiating table and in communications and interactions outside the negotiating space.


Labour Organizations at ULethbridge


Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) Local 053

AUPE is the exclusive bargaining agent for employees in general support services. AUPE positions at ULethbridge are non-academic appointments across a wide range of jobs and departments, from student services, to facilities, and more.


University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA)

ULFA is the exclusive bargaining agent for academic staff at the University of Lethbridge, whose membership consists of all ULethbridge academic staff – faculty, instructors, and sessional lecturers.


University of Lethbridge Graduate Student's Association (ULGSA)

The ULGSA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all academically-employed graduate students at ULethbridge. 


University of Lethbridge Postdoctoral Fellows Association (ULPA)

ULPA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all Postdoctoral Fellows employed by ULethbridge. 


ULethbridge Labour Relations Team

The Labour Relations Team at ULethbridge consists of representatives from two key departments:

  • Human Resources works with labour partners and leaders from AUPE.
  • The Office of the Provost works with the three academic associations - ULFA, ULGSA, and ULPA.

While each team focuses on the areas in which their expertise and knowledge are most needed, both departments collaborate with one another to ensure consistency, transparency, and that all bargaining is occurring in good faith.

Both teams oversee key elements of labour relations activities, such as collective bargaining negotiations and the administration of the collective agreements. They also provide advice on interpretation of the terms of the collective agreement and any applicable legislation, and liaise with managers and supervisors on topics related to labour relations at the University.

For updates regarding ongoing collective bargaining, please visit Bargaining Updates