Room Numbering System


  • Designate the building (or in the case of University Hall, the section)


  • Designate the floor
    • TH210 is on the second floor of Turcotte Hall
    • D630 is in D section of University Hall on Level 6

Building Designations

A, B, C, D, E University Hall (Sections start at south end)
AH Anderson Hall
AV Art Storage Building
BF Biology Field Station (Westcastle)
EP Community Centre for Wellbeing
GU Gushul Studio (Blairmore)
HH Hepler Hall
KA Kainai House (Aperture Park)
L University Library
M Markin Hall
MB Mount Blakiston
N Nicholas Sheran Arena
P Piikani House (Aperature Park)
PC Paterson Centre
PE 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness/Aquatic Centre
R Remote Buildings
R100 Research
R110 Grounds Storage
R130 Building Maintenance Storage
R140 Grounds/Housing Storage
RV Residence Village (Buildings A-F)
SA Science Commons
SC Parkway Service Centre
SI Siksika House (Aperture Park)
SF Sports Field Complex
SU Students' Union Building
T Tunnel/Rotunda
TH Turcotte Hall
TU Tsuutina House (Aperature Park)
W University Centre for the Arts
WE Alberta Water and Environmental Sciences Building