Emergency Service Police, Fire, Ambulance

Call 911

Security 24hr Help Line


General Inquiries




Make a Report to Security

Report security related concerns such as lost or stolen items, property damage, and suspicious persons.

For immediate assistance call 403-329-2345

Report to Security

Are you working alone on campus?

The University’s Working Alone Protocol has been developed to promote awareness and facilitate safety when working alone or in isolation. Supervisors can use the Working Alone Procedure template to create a standard operating procedure specific for their work unit.

Employees and students can use the Work Alone feature of the uLethbridge Safe app to register their campus location and departure time with Campus Security, and enable a 'check in' feature at regular intervals.

 Download the uLethbridge Safe App

Security Office location

Library Building: L911
  • Drivers

    • Decreased daylight hours makes it harder to see people
    • Be vigiliant about keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe!
  • Pedestrians

    • Wear brightly coloured or reflective clothing; helps drivers to see you better
    • Use crosswalks and keep to sidewalks
    • Familiarize yourself with Help Phones
    • Remember that vehicles need more time to stop in slippery weather conditions
  • Cyclists

    • Wear a helmet and reflective clothing
    • Observe the rules of the road
    • Where Can I Ride?
    • Where Can I Park?
    • Remember that vehicles need more time to stop in slippery conditions