HR Services

The Human Resources Team is your primary point of contact for a number of services related to the lifespan of your employment, from hiring and onboarding to retirement and everything in between. Listed below are the various teams you will interact with in seeking services and supports, however there are many vital individuals and teams that work behind the scenes that allow our office to support our employees and operate smoothly. 


Our Human Resources Team is comprised of:


HR Service Coordinators:

The HR Service Coordinators act as the gateway to the Office of Human Resources. They manage our main inbox (, receive documents and forms, handle new employee start-up, answer questions, and provide guidance on key services, such as requesting an employment verification letter or setting up a job posting. 


HR Consultants

HR Consultants are business partners providing generalist Human Resources advice and guidance to university clients within an assigned portfolio. This includes advise on employee and labour relations, organizational change and restructuring, classification and compensation matters, and other HR initiatives.


Pension & Benefits Advisors

This team is responsible for making sure you are set up with the employee benefits and pension plans applicable to your position, including health insurance and life insurance. The Pension & Benefits team are your primary contact for questions about your benefits and pension plans as well as preparing for retirement or a new addition to your family. 


Payroll Specialists

These are the folks responsible for ensuring you get paid. They process direct deposit information, ensure timesheets are completed and approved, and ensure you get paid on time! While any documents should be submitted through the general inbox ( our Payroll Specialists are available to answer questions and support the payroll process.


Well-being Advisors

These folks are responsible for employee well-being, including medical leaves, workplace accommodations, workers compensation, and overall employee wellness. If you have questions or concerns about long-term sick leaves, the employee and family assistance plan, or your general wellness as an employee, our Well-being Advisors are here to help!