Campus Buildings

Main Campus Buildings

Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building (WE) This facility houses a majority of Biological Science and Geography Faculty offices, classrooms, research laboratories, and a common kitchenette.
Anderson Hall (AH) This facility houses classrooms, and computer labs, Associate VP Students office, Counselling & Career Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Cashier’s Office.
Aperture Residential Park (AP) This area comprises two apartment buildings and two townhome residences. The names of the four buildings are Kainai House (KA), Piikani House (P), Siksika House (SI), and Tsuutina House (TU)
Boneyard This area is for University facilities exterior and interior storage.
Community Centre for Wellbeing (CCW) (EP) This facility houses U3T Radiology Associates MRI. Formerly known as Centre for Community Behavioural Neuroscience - CCBN.
Hepler Hall (HH) This facility houses scientific research labs and offices.
1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness (CSW) (PE) This facility houses food kiosks, gymnasia, fitness centre, indoor running track, climbing wall, sauna, and steam room facilities, in addition to classrooms and Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education offices.
Markin Hall (MH) This facility houses the Dhillon School of Business and Health Sciences faculties.
Max Bell Regional Aquatic Centre (RAC) (PE) This facility houses an Olympic Standard swimming pool, administrative offices, and a classroom.
Mount Blakiston House (MBH) This residence housing apartment is divided into two buildings connected on the main floor.
Parkway Service Complex (SC) This building houses the departments of Materials Management, Post Office, Shipping/Receiving, and Printing Services. Building Maintenance departments of the Mechanic shop, Carpenter shop, Paint and Sign shop, Grounds are also located here.
Paterson Centre (PC) Houses laundry facilities for RV residents, large communal room with kitchenette, storage, outdoor deck.
Residence Village (RV) Contains six fourplex residence buildings A, B, C, D, E, and F.
Science Commons (SA)

This facility contains Life Science laboratories and offices of Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics & Astronomy, and an Observatory.

There are several classrooms, undergraduate and research laboratories, food kiosk, main atrium, many meeting rooms, and study spaces.

ASPIRE (A&S Programs Inspiring Research & Exploration)

Sports Field Complex (SF) This facility consists of an artificial turf playing field, track, practice areas, throwing areas, food kiosk, and stadium.
Student’s Union Building (SU)

This facility features a retail floor housing the Bookstore, food kiosks, dining area, and mini-mart.

The Registrar office, Enrolment Services, Health Services, Parent Room, Students’ Union offices, clubrooms, CKUL Radio, The Meliorist, the ZOO Pub/Restaurant.and all Student Affairs departments are located on the bottom two floors.

Turcotte Hall (TH) This facility houses the Faculty of Education and the Facilities offices, classrooms, seminar rooms, and study areas.
University Centre for the Arts (UCA) (W) This facility houses the departments of Art, Dramatic Arts, Music, and the School of Fine Arts.

It features a multi-purpose theatre, recital hall/film theatre, the University Gallery, classrooms, offices, practice rooms, and studios.

University Library (L) This facility houses the University Library, Classrooms, food Kiosk, and Security Services.
University Hall (UH) (A, B, C, D, E) This facility houses the Faculty of Arts & Science offices, classrooms, computer laboratories, administrative offices, cafeteria, food kiosk, some residences, and campus utilities.

Off-Campus Buildings

Biology Field Station Westcastle
Dr. James Penny Building Downtown Lethbridge
Gushul Studio Blairmore
Coutts Centre for Western Canadian Heritage  Nanton
Dhillon School of Business - Calgary Campus Calgary

Bus Service to the University

Bus drop off/pick-up terminal is located at the east end of Aperture Drive outside the University Library entrance.


Please visit Campus Mobility Services for Student, Faculty & Staff Parking, Fees and Parking Ticket information

  •  Visitor

Visitor and short-term parking are provided in various parking lots around campus. Parking is provided in Pay and park permit parking areas.

Customers may purchase temporary parking slips using coins or credit cards (not prepaid or debit credit cards) or through the use of the HONK mobile phone app.  Depending on which Parking lot is selected parking can be for time periods of 1 hour to all day. Rates are $2.00 per hour.  Pay and display parking is available in the following lots.

When parking in short-term parking, please ensure that you park in a designated parking stall first before completing your purchase using  Pay and display or the Honk mobile app.

  • Lot D and H - 1-hour minimum - 1-hour maximum
  • Lot C - 1- hour Minimum - 4-hour maximum
  • Lot G / E and Lot S- 1-hour minimum - 2-hour maximum
  • Lot N   - 1-hour minimum - 8-hour maximum

With the exception of Lot G, all parking stalls for pay and park zones are lined in blue, with blue posted signage

  • Consultant / Contractor Parking

Depending on the nature of your visit or frequency of visits to campus, Consultants and/or Contractors requiring parking on campus have the option to use Pay & Park lots, or purchase daily, weekly, or annual Contractor permits directly from Parking Services. Purchases are invoiced to your business only, no cash payments are accepted. 

Consultants and/or Contractors working under the authority of the Facilities department requiring parking on campus are required to report to their Facilities contact (i.e. Facilities Manager, Project Manager) to purchase their parking permit. These permitsmust be pre-arranged by the Facilities Contact and will be invoiced to your business by Parking Services. Parking permits are only valid for the duration of work


  • Office located in Library room L911
  • Emergency phone dial 2345 on campus (403) 329-2345 off-campus
  • Lost & Found office dial 2549

Food Services

  • UH – Cafeteria, Subway
  • SUB – Food Court; Rockerman's General Store, The Zoo Restaurant and Pub.
  • Library – Starbucks
  • 1st Choice Savings Centre – Tim Horton’s, Booster Juice
  • Science Commons - Carvery & Bakery