Controlling my thermostat in Mt Blakiston House!

Mount Blakiston Thrermostat

Review the instruction sheet to control the heat in your Mt Blakiston House apartment

Single students who have accepted an Offer of Accommodation and do not move-in after paying confirmation funds are required to pay a minimum of $1000 cancellation fee.

See Single Student Cancellation

Log into myfunds using your university username and password to see your Base & Flex dollar account balance.

See Dining Plan Balance

Students wishing to cancel their occupancy in residence are to notify the Housing Services before the last working day of the previous month to make the notice effective for the last day of the month (or the end of the term).

A Notice of Cancellation Form must be completed at Housing Services (C420 - University Hall) to effect the notice period. Notice provided after the first of the month shall not be effective until the end of the following month (or term end).

Students withdrawing from the university mid-semester are required to provide notice as soon as they are aware that they are withdrawing. Documentation from Registrar's Office will be required confirming the withdrawal. Withdrawing students are to follow the normal move out procedures.

Cancellation fee of $400.00 is assessed for breaking the contract.

Charge applies in all instances, whether the student cancels his or her residency or the Housing Office initiates the cancellation.


See Single Student Cancellation

Residence has specific lock out procedures.  Please contact Housing (403) 329-2584 if you require assistance during office hours.

Review the following links for information.

See Single Student  Resident "Lock Out" Procedures

Please advise the Housing Office (C420) of any lost keys as soon as you are aware they have gone missing.

See Service Charges for lost keys.


For information about your residence address, please see Post Office.

Please do not attempt to make your own repairs to walls, etc. This may result in an additional costs to you.

Work Orders must be placed electronically by logging onto the housing portal (same way you apply for housing) and then click on the Maintenance Tab and follow the prompts.

Create a Maintenance Work Order here.

Report lost keys immediately. As soon as you are aware your keys or FOB have gone missing, report the loss immediately to the Housing Office.

If lost keys go unreported, the right to a safe and secure environment may be jeopardized.

Unreported lost keys will be considered non-returned keys, and therefore all charges associated with non-returned keys will apply.

See Service Charges for lost keys.

If you are having roommate problems the line of action is as follows:

1. Consult your roommate contract
2. See your RA and ask for mediation
3. If the issue cannot be resolved, then the RA will advise the Res Life Coordinator who will assist with the resolution

Explore all the possibilities before you move. It may be a simple problem that can be solved with some outside help. One tip, don't let problems go too long before you deal with them. If the issue cannot be resolved at all, then a room change may be requested through Housing Services. A Room Change Request form must be completed at Housing Services and a $50.00 processing fee applies.

Room changes are not permitted during the first two or last four weeks of the term. Following the first two weeks of a term, you may request for a room change.

See Room Change Request Form

See Contact

Parcels are delivered to campus Shipping & Receiving and processed by this department the following business day.  Please allow up to 24 hours for us to receive your parcels.  Each resident will receive an email to their uleth account once we receive their parcels.  We ask that you pick up your parcels within 48 hours.

See Post Office

All residents (including International Students) staying in the University of Lethbridge residences including are required to have insurance coverage for the duration of the license agreement. 

Starting in September 2019, all residents will automatically be enrolled in a tenant insurance program through the University of Lethbridge. Students will be able to participate in this coverage through the Online Check-In System. 

See Tenant Insurance Requirement

Yes!  Residents are allowed to have overnight guests.  Note: Roommate approval signatures and RA signature MUST be filled in before approval will be granted.  

Guests are permitted to visit on a two consecutive day stopover, with a maximum of four nights a month. Host must register intent to have short-term guest with a signed Guest Registry Form from your RA or the Housing Office. Long-term stays (three days or more) are not permitted without the direct approval of the Vice President or President of ORS and the Housing Director.

See Overnight Guest Restrictions

The University of Lethbridge has a “no pet policy” which must be followed. Please abide by this policy as it is for the health and safety of the entire community. You are allowed however, to have fish. Single students can have up to a five-gallon fish tank.


Candles and incense are not allowed in Campus Housing. The danger of open flames contribute toward potential fire and can cause damage to furniture and flooring coverings.

You have the following Options:

1- You can purchase Bridge Bucks ONLINE, in Kiosks throughout campus or at the Cash Office in Anderson Hall. Bridge Bucks do not expire at the end of the academic year and will move forward with you throughout your time on campus.

See U of L Student ID Cars as Debit

See Bridge Bucks

2- You also have the option to add money to your dining plan if you so choose.  Remaining dining plan funds (flex dollars portion) will carry forward to Bridge Bucks and will be accessible to you throughout your time on campus.

See Residence Dining Plan

Go to TH218 - Turcotte Hall to the Information Technology Solutions Centre (help desk) to get a new one. New cards cost $10 payable to the ITS department. Once you have a new card your lost card will be de-activated and the new one will have your Residence Dining Plan and Bridge Bucks already loaded on it and ready for you to use.  

See Bridge Bucks Information

Yes! Students who have been assigned to alcohol permitted rooms are allowed to store and consume in moderation.

MINORS and and students that are assigned to an alcohol free area of residence, cannot store or consume in their rooms.

Please see the Residence Community Handbook.

Housing Services has very limited refrigeration space to store your perishable meal delivery kits. We will store your meal kit for a maximum of 24 hours. You can call or email the Housing Office to arrange for someone else to pick it up on your behalf.


Phone: 403-329-2584

Personal fridges and small appliances are not permitted in University Hall dorm rooms, as the increased power requirement may overload our electrical system. Please be aware if these items are seen in Uhall they will be confiscated by housing staff.

For up-to-date information please call Housing Services at (403) 329-2584.

View Offer of Accommodation Timelines;

New University Students

Continuing | Transfer | Mature Students

This includes information regarding early bird and lottery draws.

After a room offer has been offered to a student, they are now eligible for the Online Check-In.  This system is essentially a seamless process, with parents and students not having to concern themselves with the number of departments involved, or who provide services when arriving at the University on the first day.

A limited number of parking passes are available for sale on the Online Check-In Site on a first come first serve basis. To get your preferred parking pass, please log on as early as possible after the system opens to reserve your parking pass.

Note: All remaining parking passes will be sold through Facilities: Mobility Services: Permits.

If you park on-campus without a parking permit, you will be ticketed by Security Services.  

Questions or concerns regarding parking, may be addressed to Parking Services at (403) 329-2640.

See Campus Parking Map

For those students living in University Hall, Piikani House or Kainai House the beds are a standard size twin bed; not extra long. For other buildings please see What to Bring.

To get your mirror, or anything else fixed in your room, you need to submit an online work order.

Work Orders must be placed electronically by logging onto the housing portal (same way you apply for housing) and then click on the Maintenance Tab and follow the prompts.

Create a Maintenance Work Order here.

If you receive an error message when trying to access the payment page at the end of your housing application please try a different web browser (ex. Firefox or Safari).