Frequently Asked Questions

It is your responsibility to take ownership of academic decisions, course selections, and completion of degree requirements; our academic advisors are here to help guide you.
Before reaching out to an academic advisor, see if your question is answered below.

For B.H.Sc. and B.T.R. students, the graduation GPA is the cumulative GPA recorded on your U of L transcript. You can view your unofficial transcript on the Bridge.

For NURSING STUDENTS the graduation GPA is calculated using the grade point average from all gradable courses used to meet program requirements; this includes courses taken at the U of L, courses completed at Lethbridge College, and transfer courses from other institutions. Only courses used to meet degree requirements will be used in this calculation (any extra courses that aren't required for your program are not calculated into your graduation GPA). Please refer to the Health Sciences section of the Calendar (from the year you entered the program) for a complete listing of courses required for each program. Please note that students in the collaborative Nursing program or students who have received transfer credit from another institution often have a significantly different graduation GPA than the cumulative GPA displayed on the U of L transcript. Use our GPA calculation templates to easliy calculate your Graduation GPA.

To be in good standing, on academic probation or required to withdraw, a student must fall within the GPA ranges as indicated below:

Students can check assigned registration dates and add/drop classes on the Bridge.

Students in the B.N. program complete their first two years at Lethbridge College. The Lethbridge College Admissions office provides students with a letter containing information on how to log in to see their (pre-registered) class schedules. Further questions regarding registration in courses during the first two years of the program can be directed to Lethbridge College Academic Advising at 403-320-3322 or

In keeping with the liberal education focus of the University, all undergraduate students must complete the Liberal Education List Requirement. The Program Planning Guides for Faculty of Health Sciences programs include regular program requirements and Liberal Education requirements.

Students and faculty members can access the timetable on the Bridge (

Staff or community members can access a list of courses here:

Students may request a prerequisite waiver for an Aboriginal Health, Addictions Counselling, Health Sciences, Public Health, or Therapeutic Recreation course by completing a Prerequisite Waiver form.

Tutition and fee amounts are based on the number of credit hours. The current university fees are listed here.

Only under extenuating circumstances may students in the Faculty of Health Sciences obtain special permission to study at another university to receive credit at the U of L for any course(s) taken on another campus. Permission must be obtained before enrollment at the other university. Contact the appropriate Advisor in Health Sciences for more information.

See the Transfer Course Database here.

An Independent Study is a course for which credit is earned through individual study under the supervision of an instructor. Read the policies and regulations specific to the Faculty of Health Sciences here.

The University’s Academic Schedule defines the academic year terms and sessions as well as other important dates and deadlines for the institution. This includes holiday dates, deadlines for fees payments, adding and dropping courses, application for graduation, and other important related information. See the Academic Schedule here.

All students are bound by the academic regulations and policies contained in the current University of Lethbridge Calendar. Current and previous Calendars can be found here.

First, ensure your meet the prerequisites for the course in which you are trying to register. 

Spaces in many courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences are reserved for students who require those specific courses to meet degree requirements. Registration restrictions for many courses will be removed during the initial wait-list period, or by the first week of classes. Students are advised to keep trying to register on the Bridge and hopefully space will become available.

B.H.Sc. students: If you are unable to access an ABHL/ADCS/HLSC/PUBH/TREC course required for your degree, send an email (from your U of L account) to clearly stating: 1) your ID number; 2) the course name, number, CRN; and 3) the number and CRN for any accompanying labs.

All students with a Calendar Year of 2018 or later have access to minors offered across the University. Please note:

- Access to courses to fulfill minor requirements is not guaranteed.
- Courses will not be overfilled to accommodate students wishing to fulfill minor requirements.
- Course substitutions are not allowed.
- Completing a minor may require taking courses above the minimum degree requirements.

Read more about the minors offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

In the event that you need to withdraw from one or more of your courses following the extended drop deadline you can log onto the Bridge and do so under Student – Registration – Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes. You will be assessed full fees for the courses in which you were registered. The deadlines for withdrawal are found in the Academic Schedule. Keep in mind that if you withdraw from a course, you will receive an 'W' on your transcript.

A WC designation is a ‘Withdrawal with Cause’ record on your transcript which indicates a course withdrawal in case of serious illness or extenuating circumstances. Read more about WC procedures in the Faculty of Health Sciences here

Check the timetable for courses that are delivered online.

Students and faculty members can access the timetable on the Bridge (

Staff or community members can access a list of courses here:

Students are goverened by the program requirements of the Calendar in effect at the time of their most recent admission, which is called the Year of the Calendar.

To view your Year of the Calendar, log into the Bridge, click on "Students", then on "Student Records", then on "View Student Information". Under your "Current Program" information, you will see CATALOG TERM which is the same as your Year or the Calendar.

Program Planning Guides can be found here

Your Program Planning Guide outlines the courses required to complete your program, along with a course sequencing plan. Keep your Program Planning Guide up to date and refer to it frequently for course registration and general program planning. Make sure to follow the program planning guide for your calendar year.